Decorate your way to a Fabulous Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom should be a nice and fun experience to do.  The first thing that comes in every home owners mind when decorating a room is the color scheme that is going to bed use, the bedroom theme.  Once the bedroom theme is known it is easy to buy decorative pieces like bedding, pillows,lighting, curtains, bedside tables, mirrors and so on.

Bedrooms nowadays, with the advent of DIY projects, the internet and magazines could be updated with a budget for the ones who penny pinch or it can be custom built and made to order for the ones with deeper pockets. Be that as it may, inexpensive or expensive designs, the suggestions that we have here might help you to get your bedroom to look fabulous. Remember you can still have a fabulous bedroom design without breaking the bank.

  1. White And Brown Bedroom

 plenty of storage space

This predominantly white bedroom has plenty of storage space because of its cabinets and the shelves tucked under the bed. The brown polka dotted curtain used to close the open cabinet is a wonderful accent. The area rugs are a nice touch.

  1. Ikea Red And White Bedroom

white furniture in bedroom

The fiery red curtains, pillows, and towels served as the perfect backdrop against the white walls and furniture. It made the red stand out boldly giving the room character. The shiny wood floor blended seamlessly to the interior and décor.

  1. Black, gray and brown Bedroom

bedroom has a black, gray and brown color

This bedroom has a black, gray and brown color combination. The gray blanket and pillows on the bed blends seamlessly with the floor, bed and mirror. The black wood edges chairs are tastefully arranged on one side of the bed. The green potted plant is a nice touch on the small round table near bedroom fireplace.

  1. Yellow and red coloured doors

 bright colour doors

This white bedroom stands out because of the yellow and red colored doors. The shelves at the back of the bed hidden from view by a sheer curtain are a wonderful idea. This shows that contrast of colors could make a room come alive.

  1. Bedroom Focal Point

Bedroom Focal Point

The big picture of a world map set as background at the back of the bed is the focal point of this room. The shiny brown floors proved the perfect match for the black bed. A tall black wood bench placed at the foot of the bed could serve as a table or a space to put whatnots.

  1. Bright Natural Light

Blue Bedroom

The large glass windows at the back of the bed gave natural lighting brightening up the white walls of this bedroom. Splashes of dark blue painted walls broke the monotony of white. The hanging picture above headboard and the white bedside table with lamp are nice touches.

  1.  Bed with rails as footboards

intricate design of the headboard

image source: applegatetran

The bed with rails as footboards and the intricate design of the headboard is the focal point of this bedroom. The white cabinets and the picture wall art above have the contemporary design and blends well with the bed.

  1. Period cabinet and brown curtains

flora bedding on bed

This bedroom with period cabinet and brown curtains is charming. It looks old and reminiscent of white bedrooms used to look. The soft comfy bed with its chintz pattern linen and comforter and the lone table piled high with books and whatnots is really a ride down memory lane.

  1. Brown loveseat in Bedroom

brown loveseat

The use of the mirror placed in the center wall at the back of the bed is the focal point of this bedroom. The couch at the foot of the bed looks comfy and the brown loveseat invites one to curl up and read.

10.  Foldable bed And Bedroom office

Ikea foldable bed

This bedroom not only looks great, it saves tremendous space. The bed can either be folded to the wall or left as it is. The home office adjacent to it is a wonderful idea.



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