Creating that Oomph in Your Small Space Bedroom

Creating that Oomph in Your Small Space Bedroom is still on its way. Your bedroom is a place of retreat. A place where you want comfort and relaxation. However, it is limited in space. Nevertheless, you desire to give it spacious and warm cozy appeal. With the perfect layout, color scheme, practical storage, and proper lighting all blended in one, it will surely provide your bedroom an excellent look.

Though you have small space in your room, don’t be sad, instead take it as a challenge to measure your imagination and creativity. Don’t settle on less, aim for the best. But be contented on your result. So, highlighted here are bedroom ideas for a small room where you can get helpful insights in designing your bedroom interior.

1. Gold and Orange Dining Room

Gold and Orange Dining Room

Giving your place a special attention such as this one, it comes out a real treasure with the perfect layouting and nice selection of furnishings.  Narrow though, the space is maximized by having the bed runs parallel to the wall. Two small bedside tables gives balance and symmetry. An added bonus attraction is nice good-looking pull up and down long wooden board attached to the wall which can serve as a study area or simply extra bench.

2. Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

This is great looking bed with a brown accent wall and beddings. Everything is set to complement with each other, like the white and brown stripes color of the throw pillows that look well with the wall frames with horizontal line design in brown, white, and green colors. The under bed fitted sheet with green pattern design is the same pattern design on the curtain. Great light from the window makes the place warm and cozy.

3. Eclectic


This a great room arrangement. A daybed is good choice to create extra space in this small bedroom. Dressing up the daybed in a nicely patterned fabric that goes well even with the window blinds is a neat design idea.  The choice of light colors creates a fresh brightness that making your day perfect under a sunny morning day. The space is so roomy that it appears spacious and so good-looking.

4. Lincoln Park Master Suite

Lincoln Park Master Suite

A real bedroom without too much embellishments that looks so private and warm. That nice blind shade creates an interesting effect in this place. Bed that is wide and low-lying creates more space and is considered as a real breather in this place.  Long footstool is a perfect place to hold your favorite book to be read at night. Real gray color accompanies white in such a perfect combination.

5. Small Sized Bedrooms

Small Sized Bedrooms

A nice idea for a small bedroom is placing it rightly beside a wall to create more space at the other side. A one bedside table conserves space and those nice built-in wall storage in white crisp color do add class in this place. That chair made of wooden material creates a different texture blend to make this place unique and spacious.

 6. Browned Bedroom

Browned Bedroom

Just really considering a bed and a footstool along with 2 bedside tables is a great use of space. That brown shaded wallpaper behind the bed is a lovely accent.  This huge bed as it takes center stage makes the room looks bigger despite small space.

7. Sheridan


This bedroom is perfectly amazing. Achieving symmetry and balance makes this it strikingly beautiful. Bedside tablesm, put across each other and wall frames, placed side-by-side state nothing more than equilibrium in a deeper sense. It creates a warm atmosphere with a right amount of light coming from the small window and two gorgeous lamps.

8. VP Interiors 2010

VP Interiors 2010

Want to create life and vigor into your room? Get a nice piece of patterned wallpaper to drive such a lovely look in your bedroom as what is shown in this picture. Likewise using that deadspace in between windows is a genius idea to make a lively bookshelf or case decorated with your colorful and glossy hardbound favorite books. Go simple and easy on your bed linen and pillow cases, free of frills to create clean lines for a touch of minimal look.

9. Putney Loft Conversion

Putney Loft Conversion

Wow great skylight so right above you to reach it. All lovely in white with a bright red accents makes this place realy cozy and warm. Simply taking a bed and a footstool is already a heavenly place of comfort. Take the cue from this bedroom.

10. Riverpark


For such a wider space, that horizontal space illusion going towards the window creates a larger space in this room. The blending of white and blue colors provides a cool atmosphere that is so peaceful and serene in this place. A real minimalist look with that simple floating shelves are put horizontally beside the wall near the study area and a small tv laid flatly on the wall right across the bed achieves to make this room to look confidently big despite tight space.

Sunshine graduated with a Degree of BSIED Drafting Technology. She once dreamed of running her own online business firm and first began writing and designing websites from a young age. She developed a passion for Houses, building and Interior designing and began taking on clients while still in college. ​ Sunshine oversees the creative direction at Sunshine Outsourcing as well as business development. Sunshine's charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base. Sunshine is very generous and a true leader to her firm and people

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