Multi-functional bedside table design

Cool Bedside Table Designs for Small Bedrooms

There are lots of cool bedside table designs. One can choose from vintage to modern designs and still be assured that their choice is of great character, especially if they are the type to help in making a room more arranged and uncluttered. There are also lots of do-it-your own bedside table ideas that can help you design your perfect bedside table.

For small bedrooms any space you can put a storage area into is important. That is why most storage spaces are multi-functional, and that includes bedside tables. Bedside tables have been around for long and most designs are not only astonishing but can serve other functions as well. Here are some multi-functional cool bedside table designs that are not only beautiful but efficient space savers as well.

1. Simple White Bedside Table

Simple white bedside table design

A bedside table top can be used to house your bedside lamps and alarm clocks. While the spaces underneath can be turned into shelving for books. This is very practical for those who like to read and would want a book to be hands reach away when they are in bed. Also these helps bedroom owner to organized and arrange their book shelves.

2. Wooden Bedside Table With A Drawer

Wooden bedside table design with a drawer

The usual design for bedside tables is those that have drawers in them. This design is very practical as drawers can be used to store socks or underwear, and even important documents and other bedside essentials. There are lots of bedside table designs with drawers in them; you can go for classic or vintage looking bedside table with drawers that have handles in them.

3. Modern Bedside Table Design

Modern bedside table design with drawers

Modern bedside table designs with drawers or cabinets often don’t have handles in them. They look like cubes of wood but are actually storage spaces. You don’t see door handles as they are made with magnetic materials which you can just push to open and close again.

4. Vintage Style Bedside Table

Vintage style bedside table design

For vintage style beside tables you can choose to have chests or trunks that are not used anymore and convert it to a bedside fixture. You can repaint them or have them tweaked to satisfy your taste for their appearance. It can be a storage space for magazines and books.

5. vintage Suitcases Transformed Into Pull Out Drawers

Vintage suitcase  transformed into pull out drawers design

You can also choose to have vintage suitcases that are transformed into pull out drawers. Instead of having to open them up full you can just pull the storage space out. If you have lots of vintage suitcases that aren’t used anymore, you can have them turned into drawers and then stack them together for more storage space that can serve your books, or folded clothes.

6. Multi-functional Bedside Table

Multi-functional bedside table design

As I have said it is important for a bed side table to be multi-functional. To further be effective in space saving you can have bedside tables that can also double as a study table. Make sure that it is of the right height and width for it to be conducive to learning or working.

7. Step Side Table

Step side table design

Another cool and space saving design for a bedside table is the step side table. It is shaped like a small ladder or stairs with three or four steps. The spaces between the steps can be used for storage of books and other stuff. This table can also double as steps when you’re reaching for things that are located in hanging cabinets.

8. Artistic And Efficient Modern Bedside Table

Artistic and efficient modern bedside table design

There are modern bedside table designs that are artistic and efficient. Take for example a Rubik’s cube designed bedside table where each colored square is actually a drawer door. This design is not only aesthetically nice but also a practical space saving area with lots of drawers and shelves.

9. Movable Bedside Table

Cool design for a bedside table

Another cool design for a bedside table is the movable table with small wheels on the table legs, for mobility. These types can be easily transferred from one place to another. Also the design is perfect for when you need want to read in bed or have breakfast in bed, as the table looks like a tray instead of the usual bedside table.

10.  Floating Bedside Tables

Amazing floating bedside tables design

Floating bedside tables are also cool designs as they look amazing and don’t take up floor space. A floating bedside table can be a design integrated with bookshelves for organizing of books. It can also have drawers for storage of important materials and other stuff.

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