Bed headboard ideas come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and fabrics. You can shop and buy it or you can also be creative and make your own to match your bed. You can even use old doors and fabrics and still make it look cool. You can make it more personalized and put words and pictures on it. A great headboard can magically change the look and atmosphere of your bedroom. Here are some bed headboard ideas that could fit your room!

  1. Unique Wooden Headboard

 headboard design

If you want to have a nature-y feel kind of room, then this headboard design is perfect for you! This headboard is made of wood with some faded touch of paint to add the feel of it. Add a few vases and some greenery and it’s like bringing nature inside your room itself!

  1.  Library headboard

room for all of your books

Bookworm? Don’t have enough room for all of your books? Well, problem solved! You can store them neatly near your bed and create your very own library headboard. It would be an easy access especially if you want to read books before sleeping or you prefer to study on your bed.

  1.  Little Mermaid inspired headboard

 clam shell headboard

Want to have an under-the-sea like experience in your room like Ariel? Go ahead and have this Little Mermaid inspired headboard design! This clam shell headboard will make you feel like a mermaid sleeping in her clam shell bed.

  1. Rustic headboard

lovely ribbons on the sides

Be in love with this lovely wood headboard idea. It can give both nature and vintage feel to your room. It also has the word “LOVE” which makes it even more beautiful with added feels! Plus the lovely ribbons on the sides make it have those cute and pretty feels which will surely give your room girly atmosphere.

5. Shutter headboard idea

 tiny lights

This shutter headboard idea is also beautiful and has a vintage feel. Plus the tiny lights behind the shutters makeit even more attractive and add a magical feel to the headboard. It would surely give a magical atmosphere to your room! You can also clip some photos on the shutters to make it more personal and relieve some lovely memories before you sleep.

  1. Fabric-upholstered headboard

upholstered headboard

This fabric-upholstered headboard idea is perfect for gentlemen especially because it has a masculine feel on it. This modern design makes your bed more comfortable and what makes it cool is that it is soft to lean on.

  1.  Feminine atmosphere

feminine atmosphere

This gorgeous fabric-upholstered headboard idea is perfect for women especially those who love the color red. The design will create a feminine atmosphere to your room. This modern design will make your bed comfortable especially because it is soft and would feel nice to lean on.

  1. Princess inspired headboard


Make your little girl feel like she really is a princess with this princess inspired headboard idea! The design is to that of a castle gate with two towers on each side. The cute little lights on it make it even more adorable! This will truly make the room have the royal atmosphere. And will surely make your little girl so happy!

  1. Wood block headboard


This wood block headboard idea will give your room a cozy and warm atmosphere. This design is perfect for gentlemen since it gives masculine feels.

10. Fairy inspired headboard

tiny lights

Give your room a fairytale atmosphere with fairy inspired headboard idea! The tiny lights makes it very beautiful.


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