Bunk Bed Solutions For Small Bedrooms

The concept of designing rooms and doing its interiors has completely changed over the years. People are becoming more and more particular about the way the room should look depending on its size. It is especially important if you have a very small room where you have to assure a smart look, sans getting dinghy. Bunk beds or twin beds are like the perfect solution to such situations. In this case, you have one bed placed above the other and there is a ladder to reach up to the upper bed. It’s a great space saving option since here you are getting bedding space for two within a single floor space. However in this very type also there are a lot of designs and variety available.

Here are some Bunk Bed Solutions For Small Bedrooms pictures that might help you decide the one that will best fit in your space.

1.   Unfurnished Wooden Framed Bunk Bed

Bunk bed with drawers on the bottom

The picture shows an amazingly designed small room. The wooden framed bunk beds look unfinished but do not fail to impress. The idea of having drawers on the bottom is also good, as you can store things.

2.   Sophisticated Bunk Bed

Brown and white bunk bed design

A bunk bed design that is more sophisticated and is in brown and white color. The bed has an attached ladder. The bed has a floating look to it since it is a little lifted from the ground with open space.

3.   Classy And Elegant Bunk Bed Design

Bunk bed with a white ladder attached to the upper bed

This is a very classy and elegant design for a bunk bed. The white wall on its side made like a curve and light installations matches perfectly with the printed wallpaper on the inside.

4.   Triple Layered Bunk Bed

Simple wooden ladders beds looks great

A triple layered bunk bed, two of the beds have been connected on the same side with the third one on the side wall. The simple wooden ladders beds looks great.

5. White And Purple Bunk Bed for girls bedroom

White And Purple Bunk Bed

The image shows a bunk bed that has a very interesting side structure. The curved lines and circular detailing on two sides of the bed have been done in a combination of mauve and white. The pop of color on the upper bedside compliments the entire look of the bed.

6.   Bed Made On An Elevated Level

The bed has a rod support from the railing and transparent side support

This is how well you can utilize even a passage space in your house for a room. The bed has been made on an elevated level with a rod support from the railing and transparent side supports. The green detailing on the base and ladder provide the color in the room.

7.   White Bedroom Design

The upper bed is closer to ceiling

White is color that looks good almost all the time and you can never go wrong with it. The upper bed is closer to ceiling and has been connected with a simple ladder.

8.   Creative Bunk Bed Design

Elevated bed against the side wall is in white color

Here you see a very creative design for a bunk bed. The elevated bed against the side wall is in white color with circle like detailing on one side. The ladder has been made a little wider than the usual ones and has been outlined with brown on the edges.

9.   White Bunk Bed


Minimalist room design

All white bunk bed in a minimalist design can also work wonders, like the one in this picture. To avoid wastage of space and ensure there is space to walk, the ladder has been attached to the bed.

 10.   Brown and white bunk bed

brown and white bunk bed

A brown and white bunk bed that also has a bed underneath that can be pulled out. The bed has clean and defined lines with attached ladder that is sleek. The use of alternate brown and white color is what is working out for this bed.


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