Contemporary double bed supported by the two opposite white features

Benefits of Having Double Beds

Double beds do not only provide space as an advantage. It also has better furnishing purposes. Double beds are available in different materials, designs, and style. It can be made of wood, metal, steel, or leather. It depends upon the design of your bedroom. Of course, you would have to complement your furniture with the design of your bedroom. It is always better to sleep in a double bed than a single bed. Double beds are more cost efficient than king sized beds. Double beds are a great choice for kids too. This kind of bed will last to them until their teen stage. Just replace the mattress and your kid can bring this double bed to his or her room as a bed in the guest room. This kind of bed has a potential to serve many years of good use.

Now, you already know the benefits of having a double bed. These things can also be cool and beautiful too. And if you want to be unique, you can choose an unusual design for your bedroom.

1.   Contemporary Double Bed

Contemporary double bed supported by the two opposite white features

This bed seems like it is floating but it is only supported by the two opposite white features which also double as end tables. You can add more space if you need it.

2.   Cabriolet Bed

The design is inspired by a convertible car

This bed is called the Cabriolet bed. The design is inspired by a convertible car. If you want to add an intimate or cozy touch to your bed, there is a hood given. This would give you more privacy. It also has a control panel which operates a fan, cigarette lighter, radio and telephone.

3.   Millenium Falcon Bed

Millenium falcon bed design

If you are a Star Wars fan, this bed is perfect for you. It features fully functional headlights, a star field projection and numerous hidden compartments.

4.   Hanging Bed

Hanging bed design

Since the usual designs of beds are on the floor, why not have this hanging bed? This bed is supported by four ropes that hang from the ceiling. It is shaped like a hammock and would be an interesting option for those who would like to remain traditional but have diversity.

5.   Sandwich Bed

Sandwich bed design

A sandwich bed surely is unusual. This would be a nice decor in your interior and kids would enjoy this type of design for their bed.

6.   Bed With Dual Function

Great bed for small spaces

This bed has a dual function, a bookshelf and a bed. This is great for small spaces and it can also be considered as very creative if you want something unusual.

7.   Bed With A Patented Rocking Frame

This bed has a patented rocking frame that moves back and forth

This bed has a patented rocking frame that moves back and forth like a rocking chair. This would be a fun sleeping experience.

8.   Modern Hanging Bed

Modern hanging bed desgn

Another bed that seems like it is floating. But actually it is just a hanging bed. This bed is designed by an Italian designer named Andrea Lucatello.

9.   Illuminated Bed


illuminated bed design

You do not have to worry the dark at night, this bed is illuminated. You can also change the colors and you can program the lighting of the bed at the time of your choice.

10.   Elegant Bed

Elegant bed design

You can now store your bed up in the ceiling when it is not used.

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