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Bedside Tables for All Types of Bedrooms

A bedroom would not look complete without a bedside table. Bedside tables have been around for a long time and play important roles related to storage of stuff and other bedside essentials. There are lots of types and varieties of bedside tables, each with a different characteristic than the other and serve practical functions. In modern times, the more attractive and unique bedside tables’ designs are favored. Here are some fascinating and fresh bedside table ideas which are not only nice looking but are functional as well.

  1. Bedside lamps and books

book storage spaces

Most of a bedside table’s function is to cater to bedside lamps and books, especially for those who like to read before sleeping. Bedside tables with designs that can serve as book storage spaces can be perfect. Instead of those bedside tables where you put books on top of the table why not have bedside table with partitions that can cater to lots of books of different sizes. It can be made of expandable materials to be able to store more books.

  1. Expandable book partitions

 expandable bedside table

If you don’t like to go for those expandable book partitions in your bedside table, you can go for wooden materials in form of books which are actually drawers. Have different sized partitions stack in a ladder shape for various book sizes. The ladder shape also give way to more top surfaces for your other storage needs like a space for your lamp or alarm clock.

  1. Cheese box nightstand

those circular shaped bedside tables

It is usual to find bedside tables in their normal shape and size. For a bedside table to stand out you can have those circular shaped bedside tables. Go for the vintage look by using old cheese boxes and converting them into an amazing efficient nightstand. This design can go well with an artistic themed room.

  1. Circular shaped bedside tables

 circular shaped bedside tables

For newer and fresher designs of circular shaped bedside tables go for those that have partitions and sliding doors. This modern looking design is practical and very efficient in keeping tune to its function of storing bedside essentials. Go for those that have striking and attractive colors.

  1. Unique round bedside tables with magnetic drawers

 magnetic drawers

You can also have round bedside tables with magnetic drawers. This type looks more modern because it doesn’t have handles, you just push the drawer lightly and it will slide out. Partitions can also be found inside the bigger drawer for other small stuff that needs storage space.

  1. Stack up Suitcases As bedside Table

suitcases and stack them to form a pyramid shape

For vintage and artsy looking bedside tables, splurge on varied sizes of old looking suitcases. You can have 3 suitcases and stack them to form a pyramid shape. The various size of the suitcases can be utilized for other things aside from books, like old magazines, or paper supplies, it can even serve as a sock closet.

  1. Simply designed bedside table

Simply designed bedside table

It can also be a nice idea to make your own nightstand. This way you can be sure that the idea you have in mind can be realized in its exact form. If you have planks of woods hanging around your house get a hammer and start making your own bedside table. It can be a simply designed bedside table but you can beautify it with a good paint job.

  1. Modern Bedside Table

modern bedside table

If you like to have modern looking nightstands go for those bedside tables that have drawers and can also function as a breakfast in bed table. Drawers are important because the nightstand top can serve a different function so it is important to have space to put away clutter.

  1. Floating bedside tables

bedside tables

Floating bedside tables are also unique in a sense. However nowadays they are getting really popular especially because they don’t take up floor space and can function well and efficiently. These types of bedside tables can have drawers and doors or can just look like shelves.

10.   Rack to hang your bedside essentials

bedside essentials

Another unique design is to have a rack to hang your bedside essentials instead of a table. Make sure that the planks are wide enough for your alarm clock to fit in nicely. Books can be hanged by the use of strings if they don’t fit the in partitions of the rack.

There are lots of unique designs and ideas for a bedside table. You can make your own design and have it made by professionals or by yourself if you can. Then you can be assured of a bedside table that is perfect for your needs and specifications. Just remember that whatever the design maybe, a bedside table must be efficient and practical.

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