Open shelves with drawers on the base of the bed

Beds With Storage Designs To Save Space

Beds with storage designs that go with it whether they are built below the beds or flanking them are space savers especially for homes with limited space. Even then, large bedrooms have made this a design to follow because of the additional storage space that they can bring. Storage spaces are never enough for all the things that we surround ourselves with and the more storage space you have, the better. Lofts and bunk beds have become trendy because of the space that they can give which could be used for other designs like a home office or a study table. Here are some beds with storage design ideas that may surprise you.

1.  Loft Bed

Loft bed with cabinets and drawers

Image source: hamiltonsnowber

The loft bed placed on top freed the space below for cabinets and drawers. This gave ample space for storing clothes and shoes. The middle part of the cabinet housed the computer which made this a very neat and compact room.

2. Custom Built Headboard

Big bed with an open shelf cabinet with drawers

Image source: maxwellandcompany

This big bed has an open shelf cabinet with drawers placed at the end of it and gave space for storing books and décor. The back area of this cabinet is a closet. These clever designs made this room neat and clean despite its small space.

3.  Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Small bedroom with ample space storage

Image source: abkasha

This very small bedroom has ample space storage built below the bed. The white color helped to make the walls recede and gave the image of a bigger room. The blue splashes of color are nice accents.

4. Kid’s Bedroom

Bedroom with a loft bed

Image source: Susanna Cots

This bedroom is a kid’s bedroom but could very well work with small spaces. The loft bed gave space for cabinets to be built below it and gave ample space for storage. The pull out desk is a clever idea and the drawers on the steps are additional storage spaces.

5. Built In Recessed Shelves

kid’s bedroom with recessed shelves

Image source: gapluspartners

This is a design for a kid’s bedroom but the idea would be great to use in apartments or homes with limited space. The freed space given by the loft bed was designed for a study table with recessed shelves built on the sides of the steps.

6.  Space Savings Kids Bed Design

Unpainted wooden bed

image source: mdarch

This unpainted wooden bed has wonderful storage used in the headboard. Opening the headboard gives a table for a laptop while the recessed portion gives space to put in books and pens. Drawers were also built on the base of the bed which gives additional storage space.

7.  Maximize Storage Space

Loft bed with drawers

image source: kiadesigns

The space below the loft bed was used for building drawers that gave ample storage space for the occupant. Additional drawers could also be built on the steps to maximize storage space.

8. Whitewashed Storage

Bedroom with storage

image source:avenuelifestyle

Cabinets flanking the bed and over it gave lots of storage space to this bedroom. The space where the headboard could have been was taken up by a floating shelf which is great for decors.

9.  Studio Apartment

Cabinets flanking the bed

image source: theuncommonlaw

This studio apartment has cabinets flanking the bed for space storage. The cabinets also served as a divider as well.

10.  Large Open Shelves

Open shelves with drawers on the base of the bed

image source: driggsdesigns

The large open shelves on the wall give storage space. Additional storage space was given by the drawers built on the base of the bed.

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