Bedroom with metallic blinds

10 Bedroom Designs With Roman Shades

Luxury is important for bedroom with Roman shades style. We spend so much of our time there relaxing, that we should make sure it’s a place we can indulge, reflect, and enjoy spending time alone or with a partner.

Light control is also very important in a bedroom, as natural light can energise and inspire us, but we need to be able to create a dark and cool environment for sleeping without interruption.

This is where Roman blinds or shades come in as the perfect solution. Depending on the natural light available to your bedroom, you can switch the fabrics depending on your style and lighting needs. The softly pleated style of blind is the most luxurious around and isn’t without function. It provides a soft and chic covering for your window, just take a look at these breathtaking, unique, and inspiring examples of Roman blinds in the bedroom to add a luxurious, stylish, and chic look:

1. Small Farmhouse Bedroom

Bedroom with subtly blinds in a cool colour
Maximise light in a small bedroom with subtly blinds in a cool colour.

2. Wide Elegant Drapes

Wide Roman shades across large windows
Get a luxurious look with wide Roman shades across large windows in a light room.

3. Multicoloured Funky Blinds

Bedroom with purple walls
For a bright and bold room, continue your funky colour palette across your blinds.

4.Clean And Minimal Bedroom

Minimal bedroom design
For a simple and clean look, Roman blinds can be added to concave windows so that any sleek and straight lines aren’t broken.

5. Muted Grey Roman Blind

Grey adds substance and colour to this room
Grey is a great colour option for blinds in a number of colour palettes. It adds substance and colour, but won’t detract from bolder colours and fabrics.

6. Bold Feature Patterns

Roman blinds can be made with large printed fabrics
Roman blinds can be made with large printed fabrics, to create drama and a focal point for the entire room.

7. Transparent Roman Blinds

Bedroom with transparent blinds
Use transparent blinds to add a subtle hint of light colour to the room without banishing any natural light.

8. Bold Roman Blind

Roman blinds add a soft splash of colour and fun to this bedroom
In childrens’ bedrooms especially, Roman blinds can add a soft splash of colour and fun.

9. Soft And Feminine Blind

Bedroom design with soft pastel blind
in a shabby chic bedroom, adding a soft pastel blind can tie the look together across the entire room.

10. Metallic Roman Shades

Bedroom with metallic blinds
Metallic blinds will add luxury, sparkle, and style to your bedroom. A set of narrow blinds instead of one wide can lessen the impact.

Roman blinds and shades are dynamic, stylish, and adaptable to almost any style.

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