Red bed cover

Style your way to these great bedroom designs

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries and not only to sleep. Home offices are now even integrated into the bedroom. We can say therefore that bedrooms have evolved from being simple sleeping quarters to a sophisticated image where we can work and rest at the same time. We also want the best for it not only for comfort but for the aesthetics quality that would come with it. Here are a few ideas on how to style your bedroom up and be the envy of your family and friends.

1. soft brown and white colors

bed design with rails

The focal point of this bedroom is the bed with its fantastic bed rail design. The soft brown and white colors blended seamlessly and gave the room an air of coziness and warmth.

2.  Wall Mural

bedroom decorations

This bedroom gives a refreshing and clean image because of the dominant green that is used as a theme. The beautifully designed mural placed on one wall gave the room an accent that is beautiful. Those green lampshades with their red fabric covers are nice touches.

3. Red bed cover

Red bed cover

The red bed cover with its beautiful design looks fantastic set against a backdrop of white walls and pillows. It is the focal point of this bedroom and contrasted very well with the brown table and pictures on the wall.

4.  Zebra Print Area Rug

bedroom decor

The period piece vanity table paired with the antique bed makes this bedroom look fabulous. The black walls contrasted dramatically with the white curtains and that black decoration above the curtains is beautiful. The zebra print area rug further accented the room and the two white furry and adorable puppies are a nice touch.

5.   Blue theme bedroom

Blue theme bedroom

This blue theme bedroom looks simple and elegant. Blue is a nice color to use in a bedroom as it is a relaxing color. The white headboard of the bed with its hidden shelves is a beautiful and practical design.

6.   Black Antique Bed

bedroom Wallpapers

Wallpapers can bring drama to a room or wall and this picture shows no exception. The black flowers in white background bring to sharp focus the beautiful black antique bed. The black lampshades also added to the image and made this bedroom fabulous.

7.  White Area Rug

bedroom white Area Rug

The position of the bed to enclose the corners of the room is a great design and made the room bigger. The pink walls, the big white bed and the furry white area rug gave this room a glamorous 50’s look.

8.   Canopied Bed

 Canopied Bed

This black and white bedroom with its canopied bed looks fantastic. The huge silver mirror is a nice touch. The white chandelier on top of the bed is a beautiful accent to this room.

9.  Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration

The big flower picture on the wall is the focal point of this bedroom. The splashes of black in this white room is fantastic.

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