Contemporary bedroom

Bedroom Design- Experiment Different Styles

A good bedroom decor makes a happy person. I’m sure you’ve experienced one of those days, when you want is to just lay in bed all day. After a hard day of work, all you think about is your bed, and all you want is to never leave. In the mornings, your heart aches when getting up from your it. Its sad to leave, but it’s heaven to come back.

A room you feel so attached to deserves a little attention. Decorating your bedroom should be done with an emphasis on comfort and atmosphere. The environment should be calm, inviting and nurturing. At the same time, it should define you and you style. So, what style defines you? We browsed the web and brought you 10 different bedroom design decor styles to experiment with. Can you pick out your favorite? Let’s find out.

1. Industrial Bedroom  

Minimalist bedroom design

If your are a fan of industrial decor, this one is for you. To get the look concentrate on concrete, wood and metal fit best. Put an emphasis on rustic metals such as brushed nickel, cast iron metals and copper. Industrial decor is usually paired with minimalism.

2. Contemporary Bedroom 

Bedroom with a striped bedcover

The typical contemporary bedroom has a minimalist design, clear lines and puts an accent on simplicity.

3. Eclectic Bedroom 

Bedroom with white and black striped wall

The eclectic style allows you to bend the rules. Mix things up. Decorate your bedroom to express your unique aesthetic taste.

4. Country Bedroom 

White bedroom

The country style is unpretentious and inviting. Its nurturing and has a homey feel to it.Opt for classic, comfortable furnishing and top it up with simple accents.

5. Mediterranean Bedroom 

Bedroom with orange bedcover

The style is also refereed to as “Spanish modern”. Opt for shades of blue and green, warn terra cotta, laverder or yellow. Furniture can be simple or formal. Pieces are short with ornately turned legs and feet.

6. Traditional Bedroom 

Bedroom with antique furnishings

The traditional style takes inspiration from the past. It’s a style that puts an emphasis on decor and familiarity. To get the style, opt for antique furnishings and add floral-print fabrics.

7. Farmhouse Bedroom

Bedroom with wooden beams

Embrace the charm of farmhouse style. It’s elegant, stylish and has that rustic appeal to it. It’s sure to make you fall in love with your room even more.

8. Shabby-Chic Bedroom

Bedroom with flowers

Shabby chic adds an effortlessly touch of elegance. It’s easy to acquire and it’s budget friendly.  Shabby chic style tends to be more feminine.

9. Contemporary Style-Perfect The Modern Man

Contemporary bedroom

If you are looking for a masculine look, go for industrial or contemporary. Pair them with minimalism. They should be easy to maintain and look inviting at the same time.

10. Contemporary Style-Perfect The Modern Woman

Contemporary bedroom

Less is more. Opt for a minimalist decor. You can create a feminine, stylish look by adding curvaceous furniture, intricate frames and lighting fixtures.

Let us know, which bedroom style you like best?


Currently studying architecture, I'm enamored of all visual arts. My path in architecture started with drawing. The childish play soon developed into a passion and then into a choice of profession. Architecture taught me a lot of things that can be applied in interior design. I'll share with you my perception of space along with tips on how to manipulate it to suit your needs. Enjoy!


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