Bedroom with black printed wallpaper


Small bedrooms comes in all sizes and shapes, some rooms could be long and narrow and some could be a bit wide but still small size. What makes the small bedrooms designs look bigger is the way they are designed and they are decorated.  The essence of creating a better small space bedroom is reducing clutter by having enough storage space in sensible areas of the room and using sweet but minimal decorations around the room.

Bedrooms provide us with a sense of privacy and comfort. Many of us value every time we spend in our bedrooms, thus we also give importance to how it looks. By giving attention to its appearance we are also enhancing our ability to relax and let of our stress. If you are looking for designs for small bedrooms, we have gathered images from which you can choose from.

1.   Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom design for small-spaced rooms

The image shows a contemporary bedroom design for small-spaced rooms. The neutral tones of the walls and the wooden floor create a feeling of bigger bedroom. Furthermore, the suspended vertical cubby provides larger floor area adding more space to the room. Notice also the convenient space for studying near the bed.

2.   Attic Bedroom With Wooden Accent

Sophisticated and stunning minimalist bedroom design

Above is an attic bedroom with wooden accent. The minimalist design of the image above is sophisticated and stunning. Going for minimalist reduces clutter leading to extra space for the whole room. Likewise, the color combination of brown and white create a very comfortable feeling. The opening in the ceiling is also a good source of light for the room.

3.   Bedroom With A Minimalist Style

Modern small bedroom

The photo above shows a bedroom with a minimalist style. The white colored platform creates a good contrast to the glamorous wooden floor. Also, the window has extra space where you can display your decors and even spend some time reading books!

4.   Small Kid’s Bedroom Design

Small kid's bedroom with double deck bed

If you are married and looking for a cool bedroom design for your kids, above could be a good choice. The consistent color of the bed, floor and cabinets lead to an illusion of more space. The double deck bed could accommodate not just your kids but even sleep overs of friends.

5.   Small Bedroom Design

Small bedroom with a large mirror

One way of also enhancing a small spaced bedroom is by putting large mirror for the illusion of additional space just like what is seen on the image above. Additionally, the white colors for the bed sheets, walls and ceiling reflect light, thus improving illumination. Notice also the two cool bedside lamps.


6.   Attractive And Trendy Design For Small Spaced Bathroom

Bedroom with a beautiful wallpaper

An attractive and trendy design for small-spaced bathroom is seen on the image above. The variations of brown shade colors give a sense of tranquillity. The beautiful wallpaper adds creativity to this simple yet elegant bedroom. Moreover, the beautiful photographs on the wall make this room even more dazzling!


7.   Well Organized Bedroom

well-organized bedroom with combination of white, brown and red colors

If you lack the adequate space, you can go for suspended bedroom like the design above. By doing this, you can save more floor space and allows other decors for your room. The image shows a well-organized room with combination of white, brown and red colors. This room is well-planned since aside from the typical bed, there is also a study area in the corner as well as cabinetries.

  1. Modern Blue Bedroom

Blue Bedroom

The image above shows a modern blue bedroom with glamorous color combination of the walls and floor. The neat cabinet in the corner is also a good way to organize your clothes.

9.   Simple Yet Attractive Bedroom

Bedroom with black printed wallpaper

Seen on the image above is a contemporary design for small bedroom. The black printed wallpaper enhances the beauty of this simple yet attractive bedroom. The symmetrical arrangement of the frames on the wall gives a sense of organization and consistency to this room. Also the floating cabinetry is a good way to maximize space.

10.   Master’s Bedroom With A Classy Touch

Gorgeous wall on top of the bed adds to the appeal of this fabulous design

A master’s bedroom with a classy touch is illustrated on the image above. The gorgeous wall on top of the bed adds to the appeal of this fabulous design with the light bulbs on the head board. The neutral tones of the colour create a homey and relaxing feeling.

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