10 Beautiful Bed Headboard Ideas

There are so many ways on how you can make a headboard of your own. This can come from wood, wallpaper, upholstery, and many others. You can also be creative on the materials you can use. But be sure that the design you choose will complement with the interior of your bedroom.

Bed headboards simple as you may say but it creates that certain glow and attraction in designing your bedroom.  If you want to have a unique touch in your bedroom, considering designing your headboards can be distinctively stylish. Extending that personal touch, you may definitely find bed headboards ideas in the photos featured here.

1. Consider a nice decal of your choice.

double bed headoboard
Here, the very piece of simple wood with a beautiful picture design creates that daintiness in this bedroom. The choice of color scheme matches the color of other furnishings. Brown and blue colors are a perfect match.

2. Create soft and feminine touch.

white headboard
This is lovely fabric with buttons tacked as design to make it an attractive headboard. The ribbons as fastened along a beautiful cornice are so inviting and thus, a neat design idea.

3. Give your headboard a fresh garden feel.

wooden headbord
If you want a real breather, you can create that breezy atmosphere in your bedroom by designing this wood-like extension headboard. The tiny floating shelves laid fixed on the headboard with decorative plants complement with the nature-inspired accents in the bedroom like the green plants and dried butterflies in a frame.

4. Throw a nostalgic finish to your headboard.

yellow bedroom with picture headoard
These nice pictures set on frames are fantastic headboard design. Old pictures in black frames are lined up to form a beautiful headboard. The bright yellow paint as a background allows the unique touch of this bed frame design to stand out.

5. Set a cozy tone through use of fabric pattern design.

simple headboard

image source: homesickdesign

Framing this beautiful fabric design serving as headboard in this bed provides a different texture that is warm and inviting. It gives a homey look that runs well with the overall color scheme of the room.

6. Give your headboard an upholstered treatment.

brown headboard
This high headboard, neatly tucked, is a sure nice cushion above your head. Each patch formed in square shape creates a quilt like pad that is soft and comfy.
7. Try an encased look for your headboard.

black headboard
This type of headboard is built-in surround giving your bed a different look. It keeps you focused either if you are reading or if you want to rightly fall asleep. It holds you close to sleep, preventing you from any sleep distractions.

8. Lay your headboard with creative border.

beige headboard

 This simple headboard given a nice pattern design and an attractive outline treatment make it so unique and special. Plain flat and straight line all over the edge give this place a classy look.

9. Opt for a minimalist look.

10. Use your nicely designed divider as bed headboard.

metal headboard

This lovely divider with attractive curly pattern design set this place in a romantic atmosphere. It gives this place an inviting look with small pillows in warm and bright colors

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