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Space is a luxury nowadays, so it would be wise to use all the available space in your house. For example, if your attic is used only to keep unused stuffs, it’s time to rethink this. If you lack an extra bedroom for your guests, you can convert your attic into a bedroom. By doing this, you are not only providing a cosy bedroom for them but also a great sense of privacy. If you wanted to redesign this space in your house, we have gathered images of glamorous attic bedroom designs from which you can choose from.

Here are some elegant attic bedroom designs in pictures that help you as you remodel your attic bathroom.

1.Wooden Attic Bedroom

Bedroom with the white floor and bed

This beautiful bedroom shows an astounding wooden attic room. The stunning crystal chandelier creates better illumination combined with the white floor and bed. There are also lovely bookshelves on the corner that brighten up the room.

2.Bedroom With A Glamorous Contemporary Combination Of White And Green Colors

bedroom with bookshelves placed above the headboard

The image above shows a glamorous contemporary combination of white and green colors. To maximize the space of this nicely designed bedroom, bookshelves could be placed above the headboard. Notice also that the white paint on the walls and ceilings provide better lighting to the room complementing the window and the chandelier. Likewise, you can place a chic carpet on the floor on make the room look fabulous.

3. Simple Yet Cool Attic Bedroom

The combination of blue and white colors definitely creates a homey feeling

If you wanted a simple yet cool attic bedroom, you can choose the design above. This design is good for those who have a small-spaced attic bedroom. The combination of blue and white colors definitely creates a homey feeling.

4.Smart Attic Bedroom Design

A minimalist bedroom  with accentuated by pale brown and white colors

Tired of the usual bedroom designs? Try the contemporary design above. The image shows a nice example of a minimalist bedroom with accentuated by pale brown and white colors. The two blue beds are placed symmetrical to each other with storage units near the window to place your valuables.

  1. Teenage attic bedroom

colourful bedroom If you are looking for a teenage attic bedroom, you can choose the design above. Teenagers nowadays value their privacy, thus, you can add a wall separator like the image above. The design above offers an elegant taste to the overall appearance of the room. The floral subway tiles would be a good consideration if you prefer a colourful bedroom. Likewise, the tiles complement the colors of the curtain and ball-shaped chandelier. Notice also the hanging chair with its complementing orange pillow.

  1. Contemporary Attic Bedroom with Bookshelves

bedroom with wall deocr Simplicity is indeed beauty as seen in the image above. This is a nicely designed bedroom with the bed just below the window. The vertical bookshelves and feathered cushions mean that your bedroom could also be a good place to spend your time reading.

7.A Wooden Attic Bedroom Creates A Country Side Feel

Bedroom with the floral bed

A wooden attic bedroom creates a country side feel inside the house. The floral bed is even made more stunning by the presence of two bedside lamps. Notice also that the wood creates a balance to the white colored-walls.

  1. Music  Attic Bedroom

Music  Attic Bedroom

A glamorous minimalist attic bedroom with stunning light bulbs is seen on the image above. With an attic this spacious, you can definitely add cabinets and other storage units. Take note of the fabulous storage units adding beauty to this gorgeous bedroom. To enjoy your free time, you can also place your television and musical instruments.

9. Modern Attic Bedroom With A Platform Bed

a marvellous attic bedroom design

The image above offers a marvellous attic bedroom design. The wide window is a good source of ventilation and light. The umber colored-platform is also an eye catcher in this design creating a great complement with the carpet and wall color. There are also storage units on both sides of the bed with a lamp for studying.

10. Cool Design Idea For Attic Kid’s Bedroom

Kid's bedroom with the symmetrical bed

If you know how to maximize your space, no room is small enough for the design you desire. The image above shows an attic that can accommodate three kids. The symmetrical bed is something your kids will truly enjoy. The well-matched blue pale floor and walls provides a cool and comfortable feeling for the kids. The expansive floor provides a playground for the children.

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