modern bamboo headboard ideas

Amazing and Unique Headboard Designs

Amazing and Unique Headboard Designs have different moods and ambiance depending on what the homeowner wants to achieve in their bedroom.  Aside from the decoration in the bedroom, the headboard can be a good as a main point of interest and also you can add a personal touch to your bedroom especially that these can be modify. A bed with a headboard is very regal and nice looking. It can boost the look of your bed easily especially if the headboard has unique designs. Nowadays, it is not only the design that contributes to the look charm of your headboard, but the material that is used as well. There are lots of different materials that can be used to create an amazing headboard.

With that, anyone can do coverings and fixing their own design especially for their own headboards. You will be seeing a collection of different kinds of  headboard designs that are customized for each room. Scroll down and feast your eyes to a bunch of creativity.Here are some amazing headboard designs and materials.

1. Custom Curved Headboard

brown wooden headboard

Wood is still the primary material used on headboards. Curved wooden headboard designs have been around for a long time, however nowadays this old design is incorporated with artistry through creating patterns. Also, painting the wooden headboard and creating mural with it helps with making the look more modern.

2. Wooden Bedrail Headboard

round headboard

A wooden bedrail can also be design for practicality by having it double as a storage space. Extend the sides of the headboard by curving them towards the bed and creating shelves. This can also serve as the bedside table or night stand.

3. Driftwood Headboard

drift wood headboard idea

You can also use driftwood as you headboard material. Put together planks that you can find lying around in your house. Add designs and patterns if you like or you can stay to the natural and simple feel of the driftwood. The product can be an artistic, easy to build, and practical headboard.

4. Coastal Old Shutter Headboard

great idea for shutters headboard and lighting

Also, if you happen to have old shutters and cabinet doors that are stored away in your basement, you can put them to good use by turning them into an absolutely amazing headboard. Cut those shutters in to sizes and build the pieces together to create an attractive headboard. Repaint the old shutters in colours that would suit the whole look of your room before attaching them to your bed.

5. Bamboo Headboard

modern bamboo headboard ideas

Another material being used for headboards is bamboo. Bamboo creates that closer to nature feel and can be well related to Zen inspired interior designs. There are lots of bamboo products you can use as a material for you headboard. You can use bamboo mats to create innovative patterns in your headboard.

6. Bamboo Stick Headboard

Bamboo Stick Headboard

A great result can also be achieved by using different sized bamboo sticks to create a headboard. Put the sticks together whether by glue or roped together and you can produce a very simple but artistic headboard. Bamboo headboards can also be very easy to use and build on your own as it is not heavy.

7. Contemporary Headboard

Contemporary Headboard

Foams and padded materials can also be used for your headboards. This allows more comfort for you especially if you are reading and want to relax your back on your headboard. Padded materials also give off that kingly and sleek look.

8. Italian Black Leatherette Headboard

Italian Black Leatherette Headboard

Make sure that the material use to cover the padded product for your headboard goes well with the whole look of your bedroom. Match the colour with the whole colour theme of the room. You can use leather or other fabric as a cover.

9. Fairly Modern Headboard

Fairly Modern Headboard

A fairly modern headboard design that is really getting popular also is using murals as headboards. This help brings out the creativity in you by choosing the perfect mural and then also making sure that it goes well with the whole theme of the room. Large paintings can result to great materials for your headboard. This idea also helps you display a painting in an even more creative way.

10. Photo Frame Design Headboard

green headboard

image source: Yvonne

You can also create that framed photo design for your headboard by having a mural framed with wood or other chosen materials before using as headboard. Make sure that the art is well framed and produces a modern design. Choose murals that you like and describes your likes and hobbies. Also put in mind the size of the mural you’d like as your headboard.The headboard helps enhance the look of the room, which is why it is also important to take notice on the materials and design to be used for it. There are lots of materials to choose from, just make sure that the one you’ll choose will be the one you’re more comfortable with. Also, choose the right design that you really like for your headboard and never be afraid to be creative.



modern bamboo headboard ideas

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