10 Vintage Inspired Bedroom ideas

Nowadays Vintage Furniture is becoming into fashion and a new modern décor.  Vintage furniture look luxurious ,inspirational and expensive for obvious reason that they belong to a different past time and not very popular as they used to be in their time.  In today’s post we are looking at Vintage Inspired Bedroom ideas  for master bedrooms and children’s bedrooms.

Vintage inspired bedroom ideas are all about royalty and class with elegance. Sophistication and subtleness is the key to vintage inspired bedroom ideas. Antiques play a vital role in designs of vintage style. A list of 10 vintage inspired bedroom ideas is as follows:-

1. French Style Bed Design

french style bed
White wooden flooring and white carved bed with beige suede leather stuff on the head of the bed gives a royal touch to the bedroom. Two chest of drawer like side table on either side of the bed with a kettle and variegated flowers in it and on the other side a holding stand with small tea cups is the setting of the bedroom. A mannequin is hung in one corner that gives it a fashionable look to the otherwise vintage bedroom.

2. Vintage Bedroom Style

vintage bedroom ideas

An old rustic charm to the vintage design is given to a wooden flooring room with rusty white polish door that stands as an alleyway and a wooden bed with vintage style curtains over the bed hangs from a mirror atop printed wallpaper. An old bench sort of is kept before the bed.

 3. Chic Style Vintage Bedroom

vintage kids bedroom idea

A chic style vintage bedroom that amasses two open book shelf, a chest of drawers, a low chair, frill cover bed spread with white small paintings in one corner of the L-shape wall and two to three windows with curtains tied on one side.

 4. Rusty bed with olive yellow paint on the walls

rusty bed with olive yellow paint on the walls

Again a rusty bed with olive yellow paint on the walls with two box windows and a long window, a floral print door is kept on one side for partition. A solid chair rests in one side of the room. Floral bed cover and cushion cover further gives it a look of the garden room.

5. Clustered Dressing Table with chair And Accessories

vintage clustered comfy seat
A clustered dressing table with chair and accessories in one side of the bedroom with small white bed and foldable mirror, red sofa cum chair with golden leg and white low cupboard style gives it a chanting look. Holy cross hangs from the mirror and the picture of Mother Mary with baby Jesus completes the holy and sacred place.

6. Vintage Chest Of Drawers And Picture Frame

vintage dark wood chest of drawers and picture frame
An opulent look to the already vintage designed room adds to the beauty of the room by giving more space to the room. Green and blue bed spread, green rug before the bed, a wooden drawer set and a neat shelf for minimum books and small showpiece with an angular cut in the passageway gives a mystic feeling.

7. Children’s room with vintage feel

vintage style furniture

Children’s room with vintage feel is the look of the room. Big flower print bed sheet, colorful blocks on the shelf that contains books and other playing items. A big poster size giraffe on one wall hangs and on the other alphabet board.

8. vintage style white bedroom

Victorian style white bedroom
White, gold and silver ensemble room with pictures of eminent personality in a frame with big white chandelier and silver rods jutting from the lamp. Sack like cushions and two oxidized and ornate styled mirror on either side of the bed adds gleam to the room.

9. A British Style Vintage Room

gold vintage style bedroom

A British style vintage room with crème colored painting and bed with sofas in a modern mix match of colors and old age chandelier.

10. 4 Poster Vintage Farm House Bedroom

 vintage Farm house Bedroom

Pole strap black iron bed, two different style of side table and an open space for a wicker basket and may be used for fire shelf and wooden flooring completes this look.

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