Victorian style bed design

10 Victorian Style Bedroom Designs

Your bedroom is that spot in your home where you come back after a long day to unfold. Then for that matter, 10 Victorian Style Bedroom Designs is helpful. It is your own personal space where you can sit back and relax. Since you spend quite a substantial amount of time in this particular room, it too like other rooms of your house, deserves a grand do up.

Having comfortable bedroom settings will give you a best sleeping that could you ever have and that is every night. Don’t hesitate to plan and always spend a time decorating your bed space. Little thing will give a space and give attraction. Use those stuff bed composition that will surely embrace you back with tenderness and free feeling. If you have problems at the end of the day or feel so stressed, it will guarantee you a good sleeping night and a nice morning ahead.

In order to give your bedroom a Victorian style decor, you can go through the following options for some tips.

1. Victorian Style Canopy Bed

Victorian style canopy bed

Featuring the best of Victorian times, this canopy bed adds a designer look to your bedroom. Added with carved out marble in lays, posts and columns, this bedroom sure take you back to the Victorian Era. The furniture showcases a light espresso polish that has gold highlighting. The room features warm earthy hues.

2. Victorian Style London Estate Bed design

English bed style

This particular room decor gives the appeal of an Old English Bedroom. Adding to the drama of the look is the aesthetically carved out headboard of the estate bed. The warm tones of the wood perfectly match the soft pastel shades of the wall and the bedding. Add a best side chest with drawers and you have a perfect setting.

3. Golden Accents Vintage Canopy Bed

Victorian style old canopy bed

The highlight of this room is the canopy bed that featured intricate carvings all over in subtle golden accents. The wallpaper and the bedding is in a warm beige which complements the dark wood. Golden and olive throw cushions enhance the look even more while an elegant bed side lamp shade completes the package.

4. Serpentine Shapes Victorian Style

Victorian style bed design

The panel bed showcases traditional serpentine shapes, complimenting the Victorian look. The dark wooden body is perfectly matched with bedding in white and blue, while the walls feature a light beige tinge.

5. Brown and Pink Hue Bedroom with high arch panel headboard

 high arch panel headboard

The bed is the focal point of this decor with its high arched headboard, all over carded foot board with a dark English tea polish. The bedding is elaborate, featuring brown and pink hue with floral patterns on it. The wall paint and the curtain have been kept muted in beige.

6. Reverse Scroll Patterned Bedroom

Antique Walnut satin finish

Inlay bordering, reverse scroll detailed carvings, added with shell carving, adds to the grandeur of the foot board and the headboard of this magnificent bed. The curtains are in olive while the wall feature a warm brownish hue.

7. Ornamental Wooden Veneers Composition

Vintage bed design with a vioctorian style

This sophisticated bed is elegantly crafted using ornamental wooden veneers along with golden toned dart and egg trip that take the form of serpentine shapes. The wall and floor features a warn tone of brown while curtain and bedding is in beige.

8. Royal Bed

blown up wood panels

Depicting grandness at its best this royal bed has studded with details. The blown up wood panels featured on the footboard and headboard is quite notable. Complimenting the bed the wall shade, the bedding , the flooring and the curtains are in beige.

9. French Essence Bedroom


Royal white is the primary shade in this room decor depicting French country feel at its best. The wall paint is in a muted shade of blue while the bedding has tinges of blue to it.

10. Fabric Headboard Features

chic twist Craftsmen

This bed features a fabric headboard and foot board with wooden trimmings and makes a stylish statement. The bedding in the a warm shade of brown while the walls and curtain is in beige.

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