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10 Very Small Bedroom Designs

There are many benefits that come along with having a Very Small Bedroom Designs:

  • It is easier to clean. You will no longer have a problem if you want your room to be clean in an instant. If you are running late, you can just simply organize your room for a few minutes.
  • Since you will only have small furniture, designing your room would cost less. There are a lot of inexpensive but cool furniture that you can have.
  • A small art collection would create a big impact in your room already. Since your bedroom is small, the art collection would make your room look cooler.
  • You would find lost things easier because you will only have a small space to look into your stuff.
  • Having a lot of clutters will not be possible since it will only consume the space in your small bedroom, you will be forced to clean it immediately.

Here are some very small bedroom designs that you might like. The mix of open and closed storage lets you keep and organize your things and at the same time lets you display the things that you would want. The colors complement each other and the room looks nice and gives you a warm feeling.

1. Multi-Purpose Boundaries Bedroom

Multi-Purpose Boundaries Bedroom

The baskets in this room are multipurpose. It can be used as storage of your stuff. It also gives style to your room. You can keep your books out of sight but if you want to read it, you can easily grab it.

2. Rie Green Headboard Bedroom

Rie Green Headboard Bedroom

The built in drawers with sliding doors maximizes your little space.

3. Vertical Line Bedroom

Victorian Villa, Torquay, South Devon.

You can use vertical lines to make an illusion and makes you forget about the width of your room.

4. Bookworm Suite Bedroom

book worm bedroom design

This bedroom best suits a bookworm. The shelves can hold many books and is within reach too. It gives style to your room and would really define you.

5. Wall Shelves Bedroom

bedroom with windows and bookshelve

This bedroom design is a perfect way to conserve space. You can just have a bed box, a drawer and hanging shelves to maximize spaces.

6. Luxurious Bedroom Design

very small bedroom

You can also have this luxurious bedroom design. It does not require a large space to have a luxurious bedroom. You can have a small but elegant bedroom. This small bedroom takes full advantage of a clear glass lamp. “Cottage” often implies very small bedrooms, often without closets. Since space is at a premium, you’ll need to use it wisely. This room eliminates the need for two bedside tables with a floor lamp on one side. The clear glass lamp saves”“. Panels provide depth to your window dressing, without the bulk. Keep this tip in mind especially if you have large windows in a small room.”

7. Queensway Master Bedroom Interior Design

 Queensway master, Interior Design

Image source: Lux Design | Interior Design & Project Management

A bedroom with full of white design that is good for relaxation. Tapestries can be contemporary, like this eclectic and artsy piece. It makes a great focal point in this clean white space.

This kind of bedroom design could be good if you are designing a small master bedroom, spare bedrooms with wallpaper and light with patterned interest. Having  Chandelier in bedroom to add  a unique style, Colours for master bedroom . This picture was taken from a room in  Queensway master bedroom Interior Design in Vancouver.


8. Small Master bedroom with combined TV Stand And Book Shelve

master bedroom

This bedroom has a feeling of a very small modern master bedroom with natural colours. Then green accent colours used for carpet, chairs and accessories gives a room a relaxing atmosphere.

The bedding and pillow arrangement and master bedroom furniture in the room a bedroom you would like to sleep every night.  Does this spark an idea for your new small master bedroom design?

9. Bright Small Teenage Bedroom Design

Kindesign Small Bedroom Ideas

This small bedroom design can be good for a teenage girl room. The bright green ,chocolate ,ivory ,black and white colours used to bring this room to life is what can make the teenager love to have this room. This small bedroom does not have lots of fancy things but it is smart ,cheerful and homely. The white walls, wood floor and a big window with plants brightens up the room in day time as well as night time.


10. Small bedroom with art décor idea

small bedroom with art decor

To create the most comfortable space for resting, the master bedroom advocates the use of indirect and soft lighting. All the lamps in the room are remotely controlled, so after a session of night-time reading in bed, there’s no need to hop out of the bed to switch off the light.

Always remember to step out of your box in thinking about the design you are going to choose for your bedroom. Comfort before everything else is the most important thing that you should remember. You do not need to have a huge bedroom to enjoy a bedroom. All you need to do is plan wisely and maximize all the spaces that you have and use it well. In planning things, think about all the things involved in your bedroom especially your wants and your personality. It may seem hard at first but once you find the perfect inspiration that you need, ideas will eventually flow and that is the beginning of styling and decorating your dream bedroom.

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