Child’s bedroom with a coloured nightlight

10 Unique Bedside Lamps

The quality of a lamp can truly make or break a bedroom. With lamps, there are three things to consider: style, lighting, and positioning.

Style is key because adding a lamp to any bedroom needs to complement or provide a beautiful contrast to your bedroom, it needs to become a part of your room. Lighting is the main purpose of any lamp, so you must ensure that the quality and level of light is what you need, and that it isn’t too bright or too dark. The position of a lamp can alter the entire flow of any room, especially if the lamp is intended as a spotlight and not to light the entire bedroom, which is usually the case with a bedside lamp.

Let us showcase ten fantastic styles of bedside lamps that tick all the boxes, and will inspire you on your hunt for the perfect bedside lighting:

1. Children’s Starry Nightlight

Pink and white themed bedroom
This starry night light is a wonderful addition to any children’s bedroom, but looks especially feminine in this pink and white themed bedroom.

2. Book Lovers Canvas Natural Lamp

Wonderful lampshade
This is adorable for people who like to enjoy a book in bed before they fall asleep. Have a scene and a line from your favourite book transferred onto canvas and created into a wonderful lampshade.

3. Mid-Century Quirky Jar Lamp

Mid-century jar with the clear bottom
This modern meets mid-century jar lamp is very popular today, with the clear bottom style lamps easily available on the high street. Don’t forget that you can change the lampshade to suit your own tastes.

4. Funky Modern Light

Yellow and red acrylic lamp
Reminiscent of a 1960s disco, this yellow and red acrylic lamp isn’t for the faint hearted. It won’t provide enough light to fill the entire room, but it will make an interesting bedside feature.

5. Modern Chrome Bedside Lamp

Unique bedside lamp
This abstract chrome lamp won’t light your entire room, but it will create interesting shadows and add a futuristic touch to your bedroom.

6. Personalised Children’s Lamp

Cut out lamps are perfect for children’s bedroom
Similar to the first lamp shown in this article, these cut out lamps are perfect for children’s bedroom, and even more of a special feature when personalised with your little one’s name.

7. Cartoon Globe Lamp

Cartoon style is great for a comedy fan
If you like to travel or you have a quirky taste, look at this modern twist on a traditional globe lamp. Cartoon style is great for a comedy fan who likes to stand out from the crowd.

8. Minimal Wooden Lamp

Wooden lamp matches the wooden, Scandinavian theme beautifully
This minimal wooden lamp matches the wooden, Scandinavian theme beautifully. You can recreate this simply and update the colour of the lampshade to suit you, though we recommend light and pastel hues.

9. Bedside Lamp With Unique Metal Shade

Unique bedside lamp
If you’re looking for a subtle spot light, go for something similar to this light guard that creates interesting shapes in your home. Go for a pale colour to keep focus on the light and not the lamp.

10. Coloured Nightlight

Child’s bedroom with a coloured nightlight
Add a touch of fun to your child’s bedroom with a coloured nightlight in their favourite shade.

Lamps can be a wonderful way to brighten up your home or tie your décor together nicely. Which is your preferred style?

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