10 Turquoise And Black Bedroom Interiors Colour Combos

Having a well coordinated colour scheme through out your bedroom could making decorating your bedroom quite easy. Once you have one beautiful predominant colour in the room, bringing in other accessories with different bright or dull colour for decoration seems to go well . It takes some planning though to come up with an inspirational colour for your bedroom or child’s bedroom. It depends with the kind of mood you want to associate the bedroom with. Bright colours for children’s bedroom are often associated with a bright happy mood and feeling.  On the other hand master bedroom be it small or big with respectable moderate colours like light Turquoise with other colour combination like white and black.

Colour plays a very significant role in the interiors of the bedroom. A light and a dark shade fill the mood of the room. Black brings out the drama and turquoise brings in calmness. Here is a collection of Turquoise And Black Bedroom ideas for example for you.

1. Turquoise Teenage Girl Bedroom Design

Teenage Girl Bedroom Design
Two turquoise colour low tool of cloth, green and azure paint on the same wall with green long lamp, green wicker basket kept on one side table and blue and green bedspread and a hand print picture hung on a brown painted wall in the middle of both green and blue wall gives it icy theme to the room.

2. White And Turquoise Master bedroom

master bedroom design

source: ballarddesigns

A turquoise wall with a round mirror placed on top and a rugged white washed bed with a bird sculpted on the side of the head bed. White cushions with prints and turquoise cushions with turquoise bedspread gives warm feel.

3. Small Kids bedroom ideas

girl child bedroom

source: ballarddesigns
A one sleeper bed with light shade of turquoise in one corner with a velvet chair, turquoise paint on the wall and a black iron rod shelf filled with books, lamp and a small potted plant completes the look of the room.

4. Turquoise bedroom wall Paint Colour 

small bedroom

source: ballarddesigns
Another room with small bed concept which is a pastel shade of yellow with holes in them to give a Victorian look feel to the otherwise modern room. Six painted holograms hang in one corner of the turquoise wall.

5.  Beautiful Turquoise Painted Bedroom walls

Turquoise and black bedroom
Black rod bed that is easily carried from one place to another with turquoise painted wall, a white narrow and long shelf that houses pictures and three pictures hang on the wall over head the bed. Black cushions and black and white curtains with two lamps on side of the two side table are kept.

6. Teenage Girl Bedroom with panoramic view

Teenage Girl Bedroom
A big panoramic view with an angular cut in one side gives a seating space, one dark turquoise wall with the other a pale green colour wall, white bed, white ceiling with crème based small fan, white chest of drawers and a dress mannequin on top of it leaves no doubt that it must be a fashion designers room. Black chair and huge black petunia flower print carpet is placed near the bed.

7. Persian and Turkish Bedroom feel

four poster bed bedroom
A full Persian and Turkish feel to the room is provided by the turquoise coloured bed sheet, sleeping sofa, a light turquoise coloured wallpaper ceiling and walls with curtains on a metal rod with rings. A frill bed cover whitish and silvery in colour with glass chandelier and small light bulbs coming out from it is all very serene.

8.  Grey and Light Turquoise Combination

light turquoise bedroom
A grey and light turquoise combination with sketching of big petals hangs in one corner of the wall. A simple metal oval shaped mirror rests in another wall. Glass chandeliers hanging from the box shaped ceiling and wooden flooring fills the room.

9.  Beach style teenage bedroom

beach style bedroom
Black and white hearth on the floor with white wooden cupboards and doors and a turquoise netted bed with white ceiling gives a very simple look to the room which is also very peaceful.

10.  Living room with Turquoise Cabinet And Sleigh bed

Living room with Turquoise Cabinet
Turquoise cabinet with printed walls of the open kitchen is the highlight of the room. Canopy shaped ceiling with jute style arm chair, sofas and a normal chair rests on the wooden flooring of the room.

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