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10 Relaxing Comfortable Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Bedrooms should be decorated attractively because you always spend most of your time in your bedroom. Even if bedrooms are not displayed like the dining rooms or living rooms, they have to be designed with proper love and care. This post lists down 10 relaxing and comfortable bedroom design ideas which will help you decorate your bedroom in accordance with the modern trends as well as your personal likes and dislikes.

The bedrooms we are showcasing today shows how you can use different color schemes and art decor to transform your bedroom. For example putting a wallpaper for your bedroom walls instead of painting them, decorating your bedroom walls with hanging picture frames on the wall. Using good light and lighting decor on the ceilings to add abit of style to your room. They are so many ways in which your can decorate your bedroom. Here are 10 Relaxing Comfortable Bedroom Design Ideas  for you to see what will work best for you.

1.  Modern Brown Bedroom

plum and black bedroom colour

image source: behance

This bedroom features a uniquely designed chandelier, zebra striped lamp shades and other lighting fixtures which compliment the wooden floor and walls superbly. The king sized bed with beige colored pillows and quilt enhance the overall look of the bedroom. A very warm and inviting feel is attached to this particular bedroom design.

2.  Stunning Classic Bedroom


Image source: homedesignlover
What makes this particular bedroom classically stunning are the posh king sized bed, luxurious carpet flooring and the ornate wooden cupboards and tables. Along with that, the bedroom even has a beautiful chandelier highlighting the deluxe sofa set which is arranged wisely on one side of the bedroom.

3. Brown Bedroom Design With Animal Print  Imitation

stylish brown bedroom

4.  Modern White Bedroom Design

modern bedroom design
Bedrooms like the one shown in the picture having predominantly white colored decorative accessories always look classy. This bedroom incorporates the royal white color through the chandelier, lamp shades, curtains etc. Along with that, a tinge of black has been added to this room by utilizing black colored tables.

5.  Modern White Bedroom With Picture Frames

white bedroom with pictures

Image source : behance

6.  Bedroom With Flora Wallpaper

white bedroom with flora wallpaper
A refreshing yet gorgeous looking bedroom is shown in this picture. The king sized bed with tulip printed bed sheets, pillow covers and quilt looks absolutely marvelous against the backdrop of the amazing tulip art work on the wall. The beige colored curtains and chaise lounge makes the bedroom look even more attractive.

7.   Contemporary Bed And Chair

modern bedroom and chair

Modern bedroom design with flora wallpaper and wooden floor,green and white rug with a modern chair.

8. Modern Beige and white bedroom design

beige and white bedroom
Another stylish bedroom that features an excellent use of trendy decor accessories such as white lamp shades, hanging lights, silver vases, photo frames, a huge round mirror and so on. The white sheepskin rug just enhances the beauty of this particular bedroom tremendously.

9. Istanbul Teenage Bedroom

teenage bedroom design
Image source: deviantart
The two bookshelves placed in either sides of this bedroom along with a small bed, sofa and study area located conveniently in other parts of the room, makes this particular bedroom a very functional one. Space utilization has been done very smartly while designing the bedroom shown in the picture.

10.  Brown Furniture Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom
Image source: deviantart
Wood has been mostly utilized to design this bedroom. Natural beauty is added to the bedroom by utilizing plants and flowers. The wardrobe and dressing area has been placed on either sides of the bedroom for convenience.

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