10 Master Bedroom colour Palettes

Picking the right hue for your master bedroom is very essential, if you wish to give room a personalized makeover. Different colours signify different things and having a sound knowledge of colours is very important if you want to make your bedroom appear the way you want it to.

For instance, red signifies passion, while green signifies prosperity. Now the trick here is not to go overboard with a single shade and choose accessories that match one highlighted colour that you choose.

Read on for more details on Master bedroom colour palettes for your bedroom.

1. Purple and white Master bedroom Colour Palette

purple bedroom color

White and purple is the choice of colours in this decor with a dash of green here in there. The ceiling features light wooden panels while the floor is carpeted in grey. The sofa is in white, so is the walls and the bedding. Cacti have been used strategically for that touch of green.

2. Beige And Chocolate Master Bedroom Colour palette

beige and chocolate colour

Beige and white is the predominant colour in this decor. The four poster bed is in off white, which perfectly complements the chests on both side of the bed. The bedding features beige, white and brown.

3. Blue And Purple Master Bedroom Colour Palettes

blue bedroom idea

This decor features the prettiest shade of blue, and a lot of it for that matter, in the walls, the headboard, the bedding and the furniture. A blue and white rug adorns the floor while the floor is completely white.

4. Purple And Lilac Master Bedroom Colour Scheme

purple bedroom colour

Lavender has been beautifully incorporated in this room. The walls feature a light shade of lavender, while the comforter is in a dark shade of the same colour. The curtains are in white and lavender which a dash of colour has been added with the paintings behind the wall.

5. Black And White Master Bedroom Colour Palette

black and white bedroom colour

For a room with a gorgeous view such as this, black and white as a choice of colour is perfect. The bedding features patterns in black and white so does the rug. The floor features brown wooden laminate.

6. Blue And Green Master Bedroom Colour

blue and green bedroom colour scheme
For a perfect fresh look to your room a blend of blue and green is great. A light green with a sea blue shade has been used in this decor in its different elements to bring the entire look together.

7. Brown  Wooden Master Bedroom Colour scheme

brown colour scheme
If you wish to keep things elegant, this colour blend is a perfect pick. A lot of wood work has been done in this room, be it the floor or the cabinets, which perfectly fits in with the white wall for a subtle look.

8. Pink And Green Master Bedroom Colour Palette

minimalist green and pink bedroom

Although the room is spacious, however the decor has been kept minimalistic. Most of the room is in white, while a dash of colour has been added with sky blur carpeting.

9. White and Blue Master Bedroom Colour

blue and white master bedroom design

A lot is going on in this room in terms of furniture and accessories. Hence to keep things muted and equally elegant, ivory has been used as the predominant colour palette here.

10. Chocolate  Master Bedroom Colour Palette

chocolate bedroom colour

Blue and dark brown are two shades which look great together. While the wall features a light blue shade with a metallic tinge, the head board is in dark brown. The bedding features a nice blue shade with brown and beige accessories.

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