10 Fantastically Designed Bedroom Mural Wall Papers

It is expensive to hire a painter to come and design your bedroom walls at home. Nowadays the cost of hiring painter is an option one has to think carefully about it or do your own DIY by using a beautiful bedroom  mural wall paper that best describes your interests and patterns. In today’s post we are showcasing pictures of bedroom designs that uses Bedroom Mural Wall Papers in designing their bedroom interiors walls. Wall papers, picture frames hangings and shades of colours and nature have been used in different bedrooms. The Bedroom Mural Wall Paper you use for the bedroom can tell whether it an adult bedroom, teenager and kids bedroom.

If you feel that your rooms look a little boring or needs character, then you should know a bedroom wall paper mural can go a long way to make your space look vibrant. It can enliven the space any day and make a drab room look much more dynamic. There are so many different things that you can do to bring your walls alive. Accessories can add a little drama to the area. You can keep it simple, or let your walls tell a story.

1. White stylish Wall Mural In Purple And White Bedroom

Wall murl in purple and white bedroom
You can bring attention to your room by using this mural to give it a mystical feel. It is stylish and makes the room look all the more interesting and intriguing. The use of focal wall is meant to grab your attention.

2. Bedroom monochrome Wall Mural

wall is meant to draw attention to that wall. Also the use of black and white is meant to keep it simple yet stylish. It gives the room a modern and distinguished feel.

3. Chinese Themed Wall Paper Mural

The use of the mural on only one small area reiterates the idea that less is more and you don’t always need to fill the wall to gather attention. Using white on the deep red walls brings out a beautiful contrast.

4. Photo Frames As Wall Murals

The use of neutral colours on the wall makes the room feel very down to earth. You can keep spice up this simple look by adding photo frames to the wall. This gives it a very homely and comforting feel.

5. Purple Wall Paper And Flora Canvas Pictures

Flora canvas on purple wall
The deep and rich purple gives the room a very “royal” vibe. The use of the white lines draws out the contrast and the use of florals enlivens the entire room. It adds colour as well makes the room seem brighter.

6. Fish Aquarium Wall Paper

Fish Aquarium wall paper
These kinds of murals make the very room seem alive. The sea theme is perfect for young children. It will make the child feel part of an adventure. It makes the room look very dynamic as well as adds character to the room.

7. Dinosaurs Wall Paper

Dinosaurs Wall Paper
Relive the past and make your own history in this unique dinosaur themed room. Such bold designs make the room seem adventurous and lively. This room is designed in such a way that it can capture the attention of any child.

8. Forest with Sunshine Wall Paper Theme


It’s time to go back to nature’s embrace with this forest themed wall mural. Get lost in the scenic environment without having to leave the comfort of your own room. This is a great theme that all nature photography aficionadas will love.

9.  Nature Wall Paper Murals

Nature Wall Paper Murals

This design clearly screams that it’s time to get back to the basics. Make your space look sophisticated with minimal designs. Keeping the wall white helps the room to look simple and classy. The photo frames are meant to draw attention.

10. Shade Of Green Walls

shade of green wall
The shade of green used is meant to make the room look homely and relaxing. The use of different sized mirrors as an accessory to the wall gives the room a dramatic effect. The light fixtures help it to look modern and comforting at the same time.

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