10 Country Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A bedroom is a good place for resting and relaxing therefore,it does not matter how small or big your room is, you can still decorate them using different types of furniture, decorations,stunning color schemes and all furniture pieces should be well arrangement and be put in their places to save space in the room for easy cleaning,move on around with,calm atmosphere and for the bedroom to look smart and outstanding.

For more information on how to decorate bedrooms,we have 10 Country Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas below with different stunning color schemes that makes the room look more colorful and elegant,bed types,bedding and bed covers that gives a brilliant touch and pillows that has the same colors of that of the bedding and bed covers for the room to look smart and different furniture arrangement in each bedroom.Scroll down for further viewing and  choose any bedroom decorating idea you would like to have.

Country cottage bedroom ideas are classy, rustic, royal feel and a range of other looks that gives a sweet look to the bedroom ideas. Each bedroom idea has a novelty of its own which is distinct from the other styles of bedroom be it of a resort or a seaside view. The 10 ideas associated with it are as follows:-

 1. White and Blue Colour Combination Bedroom

Country cottage bedroom ideas

The bedroom is of white and blue combination with towel like mattress placed on the bed. There are two separate beds with identical mattress and bed cover. A star shaped window knot type curtain with identical cushion. Fan attached to the chandelier gives a starry feel.

 2. Big green coloured painting with white shaped flower print

Big green coloured painting

An all white ensemble with white bed and white cover, a big green coloured painting with white shaped flower print behind the head of the bed and a bench that rests before the bed gives it a garden look in the countryside.


 3. High Style French Artist’s Portrait

A rosy vineyard bedroom

A rosy vineyard bedroom of the most upper looking high style French artist’s portrait that has the subtlest shade of pink and blue cushions with pink roses in a printed vase is kept on the side of the table.

5. Pink Pillows and Handmade Painting on the wall

pink and blue cushions with pink roses

It looks as if it is a little baby’s room with pink pillows and handmade painting on the wall without letting it get much clumsy in the countryside house.

 6. Printed Mattress of Blue Colour With Flowers

Pink Pillows and beddings

The bed looks super stylish with golden rods and printed mattress of blue colour with flower print on them. Very feminine with sophisticated feel adds to the beauty.


 7. Countryside House with Wooden Flooring

Mattress of Blue Colour

A wooden feel to the countryside house with wooden flooring, bed and sloping roof that is tilted to one side with fan and lamp on either side of the side table or two small windows in the two corners gives it a fresh feel.


8. Beautiful Turkish and Persian look

Countryside House

A beautiful Turkish and Persian look to the countryside home with a round mirror in front of the bed, a kettle shaped vase for keeping the pastel shade flowers and a chair lies in one corner of the room which has a printed cloth material cover. Two identical chairs one in the corner and the other in front of the bed and fire place is set in the bedroom.

 9.  A Rapunzel or a Fairy Tale look

Beautiful Turkish and Persian look countryside bedroom


A rapunzel or a fairy tale look to the room with highlight on the soft but high bed with printed bed sheet and a lower frill like cover is placed on the bed. Stuff toys added on the bed gives it a very sweet feel.

 Printed Mattress and Pillow Covers

 Rapunzel or a Fairy Tale bedroom style

An all white bed but with printed mattress and pillow covers, a wooden chest like table placed in front of the bed and a frilly curtain behind the bed with two side tables gives it a sombre look to the room.

10. Slight Curved Shaped Headboard

bed stacked with six pillows and all white mattress

An all white bed with a slight curved shaped headboard of the bed stacked with six pillows and all white mattress and bed cover with glass chandelier placed on the bed with candle stand on the side table gives it a beautiful feel.

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