london bedroom style

10 Cool Bedroom Theme Ideas

There are so many ways of making the bedroom a delightful private room of your house. All you need is choosing furniture of your choice like bed, night stands, wall art and other essential nice but minimal bedroom accessories. Try not to put lots of bulk furniture in a room instead go for a minimalist bedroom design style and the right color scheme plus have a cool bedroom theme in mind.

There are a number of styles, shapes and sizes that bedrooms come in. These days everyone is looking for a room that has been designed by keeping a theme in mind. You need to decide the theme that you like and what you would want in your room before you start designing. A theme give you some rough pictures and ideas as to what the final outcome should be like. Here are some ideas that might help you get inspired and get working.

1. London Bedroom Theme

london bedroom style

The whole room has been designed in clean neutral colors with pop of colors such as red and black here and there. The bed-sheet has also been selected keeping in mind the decor of the room.

2.  African bedroom Theme

Zebra print bed cover

The room as been revamped and has the perfect blend of animal prints and wooden hard flooring. The color palette consists of shades of brown beige and white. The animal prints have been nicely mixed with the feel of the room.

3.   Bedroom With Shades Of Clue And Grey

Mid century bedroom design

The room has wooden flooring with simple furniture in wood. The colour theme for the room is in shades of clue and Grey. The room imbibes a fresh and breezy look.

4.   White And Blue Bedroom

Bedroom with minimal furniture

The room has a bed that has a long back. The room has blue and white color theme. A number of cushions on the bed give the room a warm look where you can throwback. The space has been well utilized with minimal furniture and the right rugs in right colors.

5.  Kid’s Bedroom

Kid's bedroom with shades of blue and green

If you have a passion for water or diving the room is just the right themed for you. Shades of blue and green that will make you feel close to nature and water. Lamps and decor that match the color theme and just the right chandelier accentuates the look of the room.

6.   Eclectic Bedroom Design

Eclectic bedroom with a double bed

The bed is a double bed with a black and white pattern on its base and the bed-sheet just matches it with white and a black border. The bedside table, lamp and sofa all blend perfectly in the room. It gives a very warm look one ideal for hilly areas.

7.   Vintage Styled Room 

vintage styled room with a highlight mirror

A vintage styled room one which will take you back into history. The mirrors on the wall on top of the bed are the highlight. The room is in white and just the right amount of turquoise blue. The centrepiece in the room that has lights gives the room a very authentic feel.

8.   Pink Kid’s Bedroom

Contemporary styled bedroom

The room is in pink and contemporary styled. It is ideal for your kids. The bright colors used in a subtle manner give the room an edge. The vintage chandelier with candles, the long mirror with a long vintage black table all mark good theme for the room.

9.   Grey And Ash Bedroom

Grey and ash bedroom with long curtains

The bedroom looks great in the shade of Grey and ash. The fireplace and long curtains immediately draw your attention. The use light and lamps has been done in a great manner without having overdone the decor.

10.   Beach Style Bedroom

Red color in the room gives it a very fresh look

The room suits the theme of a beach side room. The cushion and pillow covers bearing the sun-sign also marks the love for water. The room has simple frames and long lamps by the bed. The use of red colour in the room gives it a very fresh look.

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