ivory and beige boutique bedroom

10 Beautiful Boutique Bedroom Design Ideas

The Boutique Bedroom Design Ideas below are all of high stand and have a sense of luxury, cleanness and maintained to the highest standard.  One would think they are hotel beds and yet they are not. Your bedroom is that part of your house, where you distress after all long day of hard work and it is a must to do it up in such a way that it is reflects class, elegance and comfort at its very best.

Want to give your bedroom the look and feel of a boutique?  If so, there are few essentials to keep in your mind which will help you transform the entire look of your bedroom. We hope you enjoy reading and getting ideas on which Boutique Bedroom Design inspires you most.

Shades of Brown And Beige

ivory and beige boutique bedroom
Different shades of brown and beige has been used in this decor to glam it up. The queen sized bed is the focal point of the bed, which used beige, white and brown satin bedding with satin throw in cushions. A couch and two interesting table sit on the other side of the bed. An ornamental mirror is installed on the wall adjacent to the bed.

Beige Satin Comforter for Added Glamour

Beige Satin Comforter

A lot of white has been used in this decor. The bed is the central focus of the room, in white with beige satin comforter for added glamour. The head board is upholstered in white, while dark brown wood work has been used on the floor. Two side tables sit on both sides with a bedside lamp on each. An interesting box shaped chandelier glams up the room.

Wall Features a Fresh Mint Shade

fresh mint shade walls

A lot of colours have been used in this room, to it give it the feel of a boutique. The wall features a fresh mint shade, while the chair by the bed is upholstered in lavender which perfectly matches the fresh mint shade. A floral chandelier and cream headboards and curtain bring the look together.

Fabric Headboard And Exquisite Rug

headboard is in fabric and a exquisite rug

Based on white, this decor reflects elegance at its very best. The bed is nice and comfortable, by which sits two chests on each side. The head board is in fabric and a exquisite rug adorns the floor magnificently.

Warm Grey Satin Beddings

metallic grey shade

This contemporary decor is all about fineness and elegance. One wall of the room, behind the bed has been highlighted with a metallic grey shade, which complements the warm grey satin bedding. The curtains are in a similar fabric as the bedding and the lamps by the bed are in the prettiest shade of navy.

Bright Yellow Floral Print

2 single beds

This bedroom decor uses lots of elements which perfectly complement each other to give you a beautiful boutique like look. The bedding is in a bright yellow floral print which is a great pick for the dark wooden bed and grey wall. The headboard is in grey as well to being the look together.

Feminine Décor and Ornamental beddings

pink walls

A feminine decor at its best, this room is all about pink and beige. Ornamental bedding in beige adds that touch of prettiness to the room, white the baby pink walls are the perfect complement to it. The chandelier is beautiful with crystals on it.

 Beautiful Beige Rug

Beautiful Beige Rug

Using a lot of beige and white, this decor is absolutely elegant. The bed is low seating one in off white, which sits on a beautiful beige rug. The wall behind the bed is in brown with fabric work on it.

Two Chests in Dark brown

shades of brown

This room is featured in various shades of brown and is quite grand. The choice of fabric is satin which adds to its finesse. The bed is majestic in front of which sits a table. On both side of the table sits two chests in dark brown. Two lamps sit on the table.

 French Style Furniture with a rounded headboard

rounded headboard

This decor gives you the feel of French fineness. The bed with a rounded headboard looks magnificent which two chairs complement the bed. On both side of it sits two chests. The wall is in white while the roof and floor features a lot of woodwork.

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