Bert Stern photographs of Marilyn Monroe

10 Beautiful Art Deco Bedroom Designs

Want to give your bedroom a look which is right out of a magazine cover? Well, it is quite possible with the right tips and tricks. The idea is to glam it up, however going overboard will make it look unnecessarily done up. Pick the decor elements carefully which are not only tasteful but also equally catchy. Decorative items like chandeliers and wall art work great in such decors.

You can also add bedding with an exotic touch in such art deco bedroom designs. Read on further to give your bedroom a much needed facelift and glam it up with the right design ideas.

1. Bedroom with Wallpaper Backlash At Headboard Area Wall

Bedroom with Wallpaper

Right out of a fairytale, this bedroom decor looks just perfect. The bed is in ivory while the wall behind it features black and gold ornamental work. The curtains have similar pattern on white, while a gorgeous chandelier adorns the ceiling. Two chests sit on both side of the bed with a wall mirror and a rug gleams up the floor.

2. Bedroom with White Furniture And Chandelier

Purple bedroom

Based on white and purple as the predominant colours, this bedroom decor is absolutely gorgeous. The walls feature dark purple shade white the bedding, curtain and rug feature off-white, almost ivory shade. The curtains have ornamental patterns in silver which perfectly complements the decor. The crystal chandelier is a perfect add on.

3.  Kids Bedroom with Study Desk And Pictures on Wall

kids bedroom

This decor has a riot of colours going on in its different elements. The wall by the bed features different coloured stripes which adds a bang to the otherwise muted room. The chairs feature a light shade of tangerine, while the rest of furniture is in white. Light wooden flooring brings the look together.

4. Bert Stern photographs of Marilyn Monroe in Bedroom

Bert Stern photographs of Marilyn Monroe

Quite contemporary, the room features a four poster bed on a dark wooden floor. The bedding is in milk white, give the room a perfectly glammed look. Two step lead to the bed which sits on a white rug. A Marilyn Monroe pop art adorns the wall by the bed.

5.  Farmhouse Bedroom Wooden Wall And Floors

farm house bedroom

A lot of woodwork has been used in the room. The bed is the point of focus here featuring a wooden body and white bedding. The body of the bed matches the back wall and the chest while the floor is white.

6.   Cherry Blossoms Pillows

 cherry blossom pillows

This room is done up reflecting absolute elegance. This wall itself glams up the entire room and love beautiful quilted white headboard . The rest of the fixtures are red and the cherry blossoms pillows adds a style to the bed and the sofa in bedroom here and there.

7.  Contemporary Bedroom with tufted bed

bedroom with tufted furniture

A queen sized bed takes up most of the space in the room, while the two chests on both sides complement it. The chandelier is quite a glamorous add on to the room.

8. Golden Mustard And an Aquamarine Blue Bedroom

bedding is in mustard

Quite elaborately done up, this bedroom features a golden mustard and an aquamarine blue as its dominant colour. The bedding is in mustard while the pillows are in ornamental prints in the dominant colours. Two chests sit on both sides of the bed.

9.  Bedroom in different shades of grey

dark grey shade in bedroom

This bedroom is in different shades of grey. The bedding features a light grey pretty much like the comfortable chair by it. The curtains are in a dark grey shade. An ornamental mirror and a unique table are great add ons.

10. Bed with Tufted headboard

tufted headboard and glass table lamp

Quite classily done up this, room features ivory and teal in its different elements. The pinned up headboard is quite beautiful. The teal throw in cushion on an off white bed looks absolutely classy.

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