Bold geometric bedding with clean lines

10 Amazing Geometric Patterned Beddings

A few years ago geometric shapes harked back to the mid-century and it wasn’t a popular home trend. Today, however, It seems like ‘shabby chic’ is becoming tired and we’re more confident in decorating our favourite rooms with cleaner lines, modern shapes, and bolder colour themes.

Geometric patterns have the beauty of being bold and brash, or subtle and simple. Triangles, circles, squares, and stripes all constitute to this trend, but we can play with the shapes that bring out the best of our bedrooms by adding a softer touch (circles), elongating a room (stripes), or adding a sharp and clean feel (squares). And all of this can be done by adding geometric patterned bedding, without making any hard interior design changes to walls or furniture. All you need to do is change your duvet!

Have a look at these funky and fresh bed coverings of geometric shapes in all kinds of colours and variations for inspiration in switching up your bedroom atmosphere with very little effort:

1. Grey And Yellow Herringbone
Subtle looking beddings
Light grey isn’t the most exciting colour, but when paired with a pastel, it highlights the colour but gives it a subtle and minimal kick.
2. Monochrome Checkerboard
Monochrome checkerboard bedding
One of the boldest patterns around, and a classic too, monochrome checkerboard won’t let you down in your mission for bold and striking bedding.
3. Subtle Greyscale
Grey patterned bedding
Find your middle ground by going for a bold pattern, but more subtle colour palette. Greyscale can be minimal, airy, and make a statement too.
4. Fair Isle Classic
Bedroom with a colorful bedding
For a colourful and Scandinavian style, opt for a traditional fair isle design.
5. Ocean Tones
White and blue patterned beddding
Geometric patterns don’t have to be overwhelmingly bold – you can go for subtle colours that complement your room instead of contrasting, like the light blue and white oceanic tones in this bedroom.
6. Artful Contrasting Patterns
Bold geometric bedding with clean lines
Two bold and clashing geometric patterns in one bedroom? Yes please! We love this exotic bedroom that combines bold geometric bedding with clean lines, bold shapes, and another complex pattern in the floor rug.
7. Modern Monochrome
Modern monochrome bedding
For a modern twist on monochrome, go for elaborate shapes with curved and straight lines that go against traditional monochrome patterns.
8. Western Shapes
Geometric bedding set
The colours and small details of this geometric bedding set remind us of the Wild West! Adding faux fur and leather adds to the authenticity of the room’s theme.
9. Classic Chevron
Classic chevron prints in large formats
Classic chevron prints in large formats are extremely popular today, especially in monochrome or white and pastel combinations. Larger patterns are impactful, meaning that you don’t have to worry much about the décor in the rest of the room, you can keep things minimal.
10. White On White
Soft white on white bedding
Get the ultimate minimal style in geometric patterns by taking inspiration from this soft white on white bedding. The subtle geometric pattern catches the eye, but the colour keeps it soft and clean. Totally adorable.
The fun and beauty of geometric patterns is that we can play with size and colour to determine impact; this one trend can create almost any style of room.

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