10 Amazing and Funky Retro Style Bedroom Ideas

Pretty much like you give your hair and look a makeover to spruce it up once in a while. Quite similarly you home too needs a facelift every now and then. Your bedroom is one room where you spend quite a substantial amount of time; hence it deserves small tweaks every now and then to get rid of the monotony.

Want to give your bedroom a retro inspired touch? If so, this article can help you with tips and tricks to include a vibe of retro in the decor. Attention to details is very essential if you wish to give your home a retro decor. Hence, read on further on these 10 Amazing and Funky Retro Style Bedroom Ideas

Teenage bedroom with photo wall art

Teenage bedroom

This decor is quite simple yet very retro. The single bed is in wood with blue sheets and white lacy cover. On the wall by the bed 8 photo frames sit beautifully. The wall is white, while the furniture features a light wooden polish.

Perfect blend of blue and white on the walls

blue and white on the walls

This retro room is quite chic with a perfect blend of blue and white on the walls. Instead of a chandelier hangs an aeroplane from the ceiling, while on the table sits two vintage car models. The wall behind the bed features photos of cars.

 Wooden Headboard And Racks for Flower Pots

Wooden Headboard

this decor is quite clean and effortless. Most of the part of the room features a shade of white while the furniture has a light brown, almost orangish polish to it. The headboard is wooden and features racks for flower pots. A rug with asymmetrical prints adorns the floor.

Multi-Coloured bed Cover and Patterned throw Cushions

Multi Coloured bed Cover

A single look at this room with give you a retro like feel. The rug almost covers the entire floor and features brown patterns all over. The bed sits pretty in the room with multi coloured bedding and patterned throw cushions, a lap sits on the side table, while a photo frame adorns the wall behind the bed.

The Rug is multi-coloured

shades of brown

This room is at its retro best with a lot of fur work here in there. The bedding features different shades of brown with fur work on the corners. The rug is multi-coloured, and the lamp by the bed is quite unique. On the corner sits a comfortable chair and the view from the room is gorgeous.

Bright Blue Bed Sheet with White Polka Dots

Bright Blue Bed Sheet

A touch of blue in this otherwise muted room brightens it up. The bed sheet is in bright blue with white polka dots on it, perfectly matching the blue rug. The pillows are multi coloured, while the lamp by the bed is the prettiest shade of aquamarine blue.

A Pretty Photo of Birds Sitting On String

Birds Sitting On String
A lot of pattern is features in this room on the rug and on the bed sheets. The fan is quite interesting in the shape of leaves. A pretty photo of birds sitting on string adorns the wall behind the bed. Aquamarine blue chairs sit on the corner of the room.

 Bed Back Wall Featuring Wooden Planks

bed back bedroom wall wooden planks

The most interesting part of this room is bed back wall featuring wooden planks which adds a lot of texture to the room. Similar tone woodwork has been done on the floor as well. The bed sits comfortable featuring white and grey bedding.

Brown Rug with White Beddings Bed

White and the floor and the furniture feature a light wooden shade. The rug is in a dark brown shade; perfectly matching the bed. The bed adds a comfortable touch to the room.

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