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Wonderful Designs for Small Bathrooms with Shower

Wonderful Designs for Small Bathrooms with Shower is one of the most important place in our house for hygiene purposes. A small bathroom can be a cramped up area when not properly designed, causing it to be an unhealthy environment to take showers and even have a bath. This problem in space can also cause parts in your bathrooms, like the shower area, to be unattractive and messy. But with proper design a small bathroom can become a comfortable place for your vanity and human needs.

It must be a perfect place where we can find comfort and serenity. But for some houses the space is limited. And some also believe that good things come in small packages. Small bathrooms despite of its limited space can also prove that it can create a vision of beauty and an air of stylish achievement. You can also use the different kinds of color even if it is dark and bright colors, accessories and furniture to make it livelier and suitable to your taste.Small bathrooms with limited space are more attractive as they say. Here are wonderful small bathroom ideas with shower areas.

1. Ceramic Mirror Furniture Ideas

Ceramic Mirror Furniture Ideas

It is always better to choose glass walls as a separator for your shower area and the rest of the bathroom. This idea makes your shower area much bigger than it really is. Your shower area can be just a small part of your bathroom; you can have a shower area that fits one large sized person.

2. Luxury Shower Modern Design

modern shower room in white

You can also put your shower area in one corner of the whole bathroom. The resulting shape will be that of a piece of pie.  You can go on walling it in with glass panels. This gives your shower area a more modern and chic look.

3. Rectangular Bathroom Shower Design

Rectangular Bathroom Shower Design

Another idea is to have a rectangular shaped shower area. This way you can maximize the space in your bathroom. You don’t also need to have doors just put in a separator for your shower area and the rest of the bathroom, like have tiled walls and glass panels with no doors.

4. Shower Panel Victorian Bathroom

Shower Panel Victorian Bathroom

Rectangular shaped shower areas can also have glass walls on one side. This way more light comes inside the shower area. You can also put a window on one side of the shower area.

5. Open Shower Bathroom

walk in shower room

Open type shower area designs are also very much applicable to small bathroom spaces. This design creates an illusion of an airy open space which makes the whole place just look larger. With more light coming in to your bathroom, you can have an outdoorsy and fun feel to it.

6. Natural and Earth Color Bathroom

white and green bathroom

For open type showers it is important to use natural and earth colors for your walls. As they tend to give off a more natural feel.  It should also be characterized with windows which can either be small or large, as long as the natural light comes in.

7. Minimalist Small Bathroom

minimalist bathroom with black furniture

Another idea is that if you want to have a bath tub in a small spaced bathroom, you can infuse the two together. Put your shower over your bath tub.

8. Budget Small Bathroom Design

Budget Small Bathroom Design

This way you can have the best of both factors inside your bathroom. So it won’t be such a bother if you want to relax in a bath or have a shower. You can have both in your very own small spaced bathroom. Just make sure that the space can allow a bath to be installed in your bathroom.

9. Astonishing Bathroom with Brown Shower Curtain

Astonishing Bathroom with Brown Shower Curtain

You can still also use curtains to separate your shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Just make sure that the curtains will make the bathroom more elegant will giving privacy to those taking a bath or a shower.

10. Fit and Blend Shower Curtain Bathroom

Fit and Blend Shower Curtain Bathroom

Also make sure that the shower curtains fit and blend well with the whole look of your bathroom. Use color coordination and matching in choosing the right shower curtains for your shower area.

There are lots of ways to improve the look and charm of your small bathroom with shower area. just make sure that whatever design you chose it would very well fit and make improve the look of your bathroom even more.

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