Exotic Small Bathroom

Unique designs for the tiny bathroom

Unique designs for the tiny bathroom that are very useful are listed below. Designing a small bathroom is a challenging task to any homemaker because of its tiny space. Ways and means have been done before and it has proved daunting because homes used to be larger. The modern era has introduced minimal living spaces and adjustments were made by the designers and the furniture manufacturers. The number one customers right now are those who need furniture that could serve a dual purpose so space can be saved.

Here are a few suggestions and designs that could truly make that tiny bathroom unique.

1. Green Bathroom Color

green colored wallpaper

The green colored wallpaper contrasted beautifully with the gold frame of the mirror and fixtures making this bathroom look elegant and stylish. The gold vase with yellow flowers is a unique accent.

2. Wonderful Contrast Flooring

Wonderful Contrast Flooring

The black and white floor made a wonderful contrast to the yellow walls making this bathroom look fantastic. The long sink with its glass countertop and cabinets are practical and yet lovely designs. The silver mirror is a nice touch.

3. Fantastic Tiny Bathroom Design

Fantastic Tiny Bathroom Design

This tiny bathroom looks fantastic with the right planning and decor. The big wicker basket is a great storage space and looks lovely too. The hanging shelves above the tub area are great space storage.

4. Hanging Shelves Concept

Hanging Shelves Concept

The hanging shelves above the toilet seat give extra storage space and great to use for decors. The cabinets below the sink area also give ample storage for bath essentials. The built in wall shelves in the tub area are good spaces to place shampoos and soaps.

5. Guest Bathroom

Guest Bathroom

The wood laminated floor complemented the brown subway tiles used on the shower area and lower wall of the main area. The hanging rack at the back of the toilet is great for hanging towels.

6. Color Combination

Colour Combination

This tiny bathroom with its color combination of white, peach and beige looks fantastic. The built in wall shelves on the shower over tub area gives much needed storage for shampoos and soaps.

7. Remodeling Bathroom Designs

Remodeling Bathroom Designs

This small bathroom is unique in design since it has a skylight that lets in natural lighting and gives it a bright and cheerful image. The black colored sunken sink contrasts wonderfully with the soft gold color of the walls.

8. Bathroom Wide After

Bathroom Wide After

This tiny bathroom achieved the vintage look by using an old small stool near the claw foot tub. The yellow curtains matched seamlessly with the lighter yellow color of the tub and the old looking black and white floors.

9. Bathroom Character Blend

Bathroom Character Blend

The bright red towel catches your attention upon entering this tiny bathroom. It gave the bathroom character and blended seamlessly with the white shower curtains and white fixtures. The white furry area rug is a nice touch.

10. Exotic Small Bathroom

Exotic Small Bathroom

This small bathroom looks exotic because of the dark browns that are used on it. The black frame of the round mirror and picture on the wall blends seamlessly with the brown Persian rug used on the floor. The sheer brown shower curtain is a great accent.

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