Interesting tile ideas for the small bathroom

Interesting tile ideas for the small bathroom creates stunning concept even in a little space. Tiling a small bathroom can be a bit tricky as some colors and patterns may be too overwhelming. Designers usually go for white as this is not only a natural color, white can make the walls recede and make the room look bigger. But it does not necessarily mean that you will be left to make do with just a white bathroom when you feel the need to have bolder colors in it. It has been found out that small bathrooms can have that as long as there is a contrast color that would blend easily it would even make it fantastic.

We’ve come up with some tile ideas for the small bathroom that would make it interesting.

1. Large Tile Design

large bathroom tiles

Putting large tile designs on the corners of the bathroom and leaving the rest of the walls plain made this small bathroom look fantastic. Combination of two patterns as long as they blend makes a great design.

2. Simple Bathroom Design

Simple Bathroom Design

Using large tile on the floors and putting them up on an angle like in the picture makes for a lovely floor design. It blended seamlessly with the plain walls and made this small bathroom fabulous.

3. Single Portion Tiling

Single Portion Tiling

Tiling a single portion of the wall especially near the tub area and contrasting it with a different color walls will focus the attention on the tiled wall. Make the tile design and color attractive like in the picture.

4. Two Toned Tiles

Two Toned Tiles

Having two toned tiles on the walls of the tub area made this bathroom look wonderful. A perfect blend of light colored tiles on the upper wall and dark colored tiles on its lower part became the focal point of this small bathroom.

5. Subway Tile concept

subtiles in bathroom

Using subway tiles on a small bathroom is great as long as color chosen would go with it. This small bathroom got away with using green subway tiles that made it stand out.

6. Tile Ideas Grey Plaid White Wash Basin

Tile Ideas Grey Plaid White Wash Basin

Using mosaic tile designs on the entire walls of the tub area including the tub will make a small bathroom fantastic. As shown, the mosaic walls contrasted very well with the plain white walls and fixtures and made this small bathroom lovely.

7. Decorating Pictures with White Tile

Decorating Pictures with White Tile

Combing white tiles with very light gray plain walls made this small bathroom look fabulous. The white tiles used on the tub area gave a feeling of a bigger area than it actually is.

8. Bold Yellow Colored Tile Design

yellow and white floor tiles

The bold yellow colored tile design on the floor of this bathroom combined with plain white on the walls made this bathroom look fabulous. Bold and light color combinations work very well in small rooms.

9. Towel Racks and Glass Door Shower

shower room

Really small Bathroom design with glasses towel racks and glass door shower. The red hot tiles lining up the cabinet and mirrors made this small bathroom come alive. It contrasted fantastically with the stark white walls and fixtures.

10. Yellow Colored Tiles Shower

Yellow Colored Tiles Shower

The yellow colored tiles in the shower area perfectly matched the color of the open shelves and cabinet making this small bathroom look fabulous. It also blended very well with the white colored tiles of the walls in the main area.

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