Bathroom with long glossy subway tiles

Superior All Tile Designs For Bathrooms

Having a bathroom all tiled from floors to walls can be pricey but the results will always be amazing. Tiles are made to last for a lifetime as long as it is well cleaned and maintained. Cleaning is not hard as tiles have been designed to be cleaned everyday to avoid bacteria from harboring in the bathroom. Walls have glossy tiles and cleaning keeps them bright and shiny. Tiles on the floor are smooth but not glossy to stop slippage. Tiles also come in beautiful patterns, designs, colors and sizes and gives unquestioned aesthetic quality and image to a bathroom. Here are all tile designs for the bathroom that give them a superior quality.

1. Light Brown Tiles

Bathroom with big tiles

The light brown color of these big tiles gives a dramatic statement to this bathroom. The tiles look like linen cloth woven into the walls and having transparent glass as floating shelves add to the image.

2. Long Glossy Subway Tiles

Bathroom with long glossy subway tiles

This all white bathroom used long glossy subway tiles that made the window stand out. The gray grout used between the tiles give a beautiful finish and made this bathroom look fantastic.

3. Large Subway Tiles 

Bathroom with large subway wall tiles

This white bathroom used large subway tiles on the walls and hexagon design tiles on the floor. The small designs on the floor put the focus on the big tiles used on the walls.

4. Hex Patterned Floor Tiles

Bathroom with tiles

The hex patterns of the floor tiles are of marble Carrara and the walls are of ceramic subway tiles. The use of different style and quality of tiles makes for an interesting contrast as long as it does not jar.

5. Different Tiles

Bathroom with different tiles

This bathroom used different tile designs yet came out looking fantastic. The mosaic design on the shower handle is different from that of the middle trim near the recessed shelf. The hex pattern on the floor is another design and the big brown colored tiles on the shower’s wall as well.

6. Beautiful Bathroom Design

Bathroom with white colored subway tiles

The tile floor has the hex design that went well with the subway tiles that was placed on the walls. The white colored subway tiles put into focus the cream colored period piece large sink with old fashioned faucet.

7. Glittering Green Glass Tiles

White colored rocks against the glittering green glass tiles

The combination of using white colored rocks against the glittering green glass tiles on the walls of this bathroom made it look awesome.

8. Bathroom With Tiles

Floor tiles contrasted very well with wall tiles

The hex tiles used on the floor contrasted very well with the white subway tiles on the walls. The effect focused on the beautiful design of the white pedestal sink.

9. Square Shaped Tiles

Floor tiles contrast well with the walltiles

These square shaped tiles that have a design of starting from a dark green color going to a lighter one made this bathroom look fantastic. The brown color of the large stone tiles used on the floor is a beautiful contrast.

10. Brown Stone Tile

The tiles contrasted very well with the white ceasarstone

The brown stone tile used all over this bathroom made it look fabulous. It contrasted very well with the white ceasarstone that was used on the sink.


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