Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Stylish design ideas for the small bathroom

Stylish design ideas for the small bathroom can transform small into fabulous design. The sad fact of living nowadays is the limited space that we have to put up with. As much as we would like to have huge spaces for our homes, the need to live near the workplace is much more attractive than the thought of having to commute and suffer through the stress of heavy traffic of automobiles and humanity. Since this is the situation, acceptance and doing something positive about it is the key. Small spaces need not be stressful to design; it might even be an exciting project. Here are some design ideas that can make that small bathroom stylish.

 1. Modern White Tub Concept

St. Louis Residence Bathroom

The modern white tub set against the beautifully designed gray and white wall tiles looks fabulous. The gray ceiling matched the cabinet below the sink area perfectly and this gray and white bathroom looks stylish.

 2. Fantastic Diamond Shaped

Fantastic Diamond Shaped

The black diamond shapes on white tiles used on this bathroom floor is fantastic. This pure white bathroom looks fabulous with its blobs of black color to break the monotony of black. The big white tub is gorgeous.

 3. White Sink Cabinet Bathroom

White Sink Cabinet Bathroom

The white sink with cabinets below and beside it is a great design and gives ample space for storage at the same time. Cabinets behind the toilet seat are fantastic space storage.

 4. Futuristic Style Captivating Bathroom Storage

Futuristic Style Captivating Bathroom Storage

This black and white bathroom looks neat and compact because of the wonderful way it was laid out. Sink with cabinet is adjacent to the toilet seat and shower stall just ahead. This is a great design for a small bathroom.

 5. Inspiring Elegant Small Bathroom

Inspiring Elegant Small Bathroom

This small white bathroom looks sleek and clean due to its simple design. The floating cabinet below the sink area and toilet seat are modern designs that are practical while looking good at the same time.

 6. Tiny Custom Bathroom

Tiny Custom Bathroom

Viewed from above this small bathroom looks well planned and lovely to look at. The open floating shelves placed beside the mirror give ample space for storage. The half glass enclosure of shower area is great as it can stop spills of water from reaching main area.

7. Orange Colored Small Bathroom

Orange Colored Small Bathroom

The window let in natural lighting and brightened up the orange color of this fantastic bathroom. The orange shower curtain is a beautiful accent. The white floors and fixtures contrasted wonderfully with the bold orange color.

8. Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Half Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The wood floor set against the white fixtures of this bathroom gave it a character and personality. The green bath rug and the flowers on the window sill are great accents.

 9. Fancy Mirror Decorative Bathroom

Fancy Mirror Decorative Bathroom

The light orange walls is duplicated by the wall tiles on the shower area and the frame of the mirror and made this bathroom look amazing. The transparent glass floating shelves on top of the toilet seat is great for storage space.

10. Striped Wall Concept

Striped Wall Concept

Storage space is the key to having a cool and stylish bathroom. This beautiful design of storage idea would look fantastic in any interior of the bathroom. As shown, the bold red, yellow and orange stripes used on the walls blended seamlessly.






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