Dark blue bathroom, mosaic tiled feature wall

Stunning Simple Bathrooms With Cool Designs

For some, having a simple designed bathroom is enough and simplicity makes them happy. There is even a quote saying simplicity is beauty. You can still have a fabulous simple bathroom if you plan all well. A simple bathroom is easier to design since you would not really think a lot of designs for your bathroom. This would also mean that it would cost less than an extravagant bathroom.
Having a simple but multifunctional bathroom is possible.  As soon as you find your inspiration, ideas will continue to flow and you will have the right design for your bathroom. Choosing a few key decorative flourishes in your bathroom can be fun and easy. Enjoy looking at these Stunning Simple Bathrooms With Cool Designs which proves that you can have a beautiful bathroom by keeping it simple.

1. White And Pink Bathroom

In this bathroom, the floorboards are painted white

An all white bathroom is a sign of simplicity of beauty. This would also keep the feeling of airy and bright. In this bathroom, the floorboards are also painted white. If you want a touch of contemporary design, hang a pendant and have modular storage pieces. You can also hang a magenta colored shower curtain for some color.

2. Bathroom With Unique Pieces Of Furniture

Bathroom with a white cabinet

Unique pieces of furniture into the bathroom can add personality to it. Put a display of cabinet to hang towels and hold amenities like shampoo and soap.

3. Cool Bathroom With Green And White Color Schemes

Bathroom with a cool and rejuvenating vibe

If you want a cool and rejuvenating vibe, surround the tub to ceiling tiles shades of green or spearmint.

4. Modern Bathroom With Pairing White And Grey

Choosing large square tiles would make the room look larger than it is

Do not want a bright sunny bathroom? Pairing white with grey gives a space of modern look. Choosing large square tiles would make the room look larger than it is. Keep the accents minimal to keep it simple and uncluttered.

5.  Ceramic Tiles And Wooden Bathtub Side Covering

 bathtub with walnut wood surround

Take a neutral approach for simplicity. It does not have to be white in color to keep it simple. Have caramel mosaic tiles around the shower.

6. Black and white monochrome bathroom

Black and white monochrome bathroom

Monochromatic black and white never goes old. This would represent your bathroom as a contemporary one. Be smart with storage always. Have hanging rack for holding towels within reach.

7.  White Vintage Style Bathtub

All white vintage style bathroom

If you want your bathroom space to be relaxing and escape from any stress, have this kind of bathroom. A stunning freestanding roll top that says serenity would be great for a bathroom.

8.  Dark blue bathroom, mosaic tiled feature wall

Dark blue bathroom, mosaic tiled feature wall

Image source: realsimple

Blue would be most people’s favorite color and it is a calming one too. This would be a way to have a daring and thoughtful approach. Have a palette that flows together and each element collides with one another.

9.  Blue mosaic tiled shower

Blue mosaic tiled modern shower with rainfall shower head

The mosaic tiled shower feels open, refreshing, and cool. If you want a rejuvenating bath, most people would think of blue. Accent pieces in shiny nickel are sleek and contemporary.

10.  Bright white bathroom

All white bathroom, tiled walls

Having a bright white bathroom is definitely the definition of simplicity. A modern sink and oversized mirror is also great for your bathroom.
Having a simple bathroom is not really for everyone. This would depend on the person who will own the bathroom and how he or she would want the people to see him or her as a person through the bathroom. Sometimes, the personality of the person shows in his or her house.

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