Smart Ideas on Renovating Small Bathroom

Your home is a great place to be and Smart Ideas on Renovating Small Bathroom is a great solution to make your place look good. That is where you take full charge of the things you want to do. Nobody will stop you how you want your house re-arrange. It is a task that you are sure to enjoy as the very concept of how you want things to run, what style to choose, and what materials to use are all within your power to decide. You take charge and execute your actions. After all, you create your own atmosphere at home. You, alone, know your exact needs of what one room should have, how do you want it to look like, and how do want it to be more functional. So you know what part of the house that needs repair. So here are small bathroom renovation ideas that will serve as your guide when it is high time to reconfigure your bathroom.

1. Map out a good layout. 

Park Avenue Renovation

  • This bathroom with a small space creates a very neat and orderly look, without feeling cramped.  The window at the middle of this bathroom is a starting point as you create balance, determining the must-haves and less-haves in your bathroom.

Peter S. Balsam

  • Here is another tight space bathroom. But the way the space is laid out makes the place functional. A little beside the toilet seat is a bathroom and a few steps forward is the rounded vanity.

2. Take the vertical space for storage.

Small Space Bathroom

  • The small bathroom items are the ones that add to a cluttered space. Things that are placed everywhere especially if the room is small can be a source for eye sore. In this bathroom, the sidewall-recessed niche near the toilet seat is a good idea to consider when overhauling your bathroom. It can be a good storage of all your toiletries

St Clarens renovation

  • The other way to use vertical space in an easier way is to create a layer of floating shelves like the one in this bathroom. This gives this place a pretty orderly look.

3. Accessorize your bathroom with functional items.

Mill Valley CA

  • For a less expensive renovation idea, you can use bathroom items that will function in a dual mode or more. For this bathroom the use of wicker basket adds a different texture in this room. Further, this serves as towel storage. Moreso, it can be placed near the shower area where towel can be readily pulled out to pat you dry.

West 67th Street

  • Here is another shape and different height of basket perfectly ideal for storing big towels. This gives the place a warm look, simple yet interesting.

4.  Invest in a glass door for the bathroom shower. 


  • As small space looks so closed in, it contributes to a congested feel but a glass door gives it a special open appeal. In this bathroom, a view from the inside creates a breather. Those niceties outside the shower room arranged in a classy neat style give this small space an elegant appeal.

Coastal Victorian Renovation

  • This bathroom looks real fresh and clean. The glass door of the shower prevents water from splashing, making your place dry and free from slips. It allows you to compartmentalize your shower needs from your toilet needs.

5.  Install a mirror that consumes the upper space atop the toilet seat or vanity area.

Carmel Mid-Century LEED

  • As pictured in the image below, the use of the mirror creates an illusion of continuity, making the place to look bigger. The light that casts to the mirror further brings the place to a brighter appeal.

Turtle Bay Loft

  • The mirror atop both the toilet seat and vanity makes this place a bigger and clean look. The long white slender light reflecting its rays on the surface of the mirror gives the whole place a real shine.

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