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Small Shower Room Decorating Ideas

Small Shower Room also needs beautification and a little decor to feel its essence. Just because your bathroom isn’t well spread, doesn’t really mean that you cannot do it up in a stylish way. Your bathroom is that space in your home where you detox and rejuvenate after a long day of hard work; hence it should be well decorated. No matter how narrow your bathroom is, with the right decor elements you can easily give it a compact yet classy look.

In order to gives light to your bathroom, you must bear in mind that simple little things has a space for that. And also the lighting an angle must be considered. Proper things positioning well make your room professional and presentable. Accurate light value with right color selection will quite impress visitors. We know that bathroom is one of a sensitive part, so properly plan it and look for things that will help you.

For more insight on how to do up a narrow bathroom with scanty space, read on.

1. Glassy Cream Bathroom

Glassy Cream Bathroom

Light colored walls, glass shower corner and apt use of lighting are the main elements here to save space. A small wash basin fits in perfectly beside the shower corner, while the wall in front features a narrow rectangular mirror.

2. Simple Bathroom Design

Simple Bathroom Design

The decor is quite minimalistic to save space. The shower corner is enclosed by glass, which features a hand shower and multicoloured tile flooring. Beside the shower corner sits the pot. The door has an attached rod to it, perfect for hanging clothes.

3. Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom

Although this decor is for a small space, but it includes a number of elements which glams up the entire look. The shower corner is enclosed in glass, which is sleek and trendy. The wash basin sits on a sleek metal stand while a mirror in a stylish metal frame adorns the wall in front.

4. Contemporary Focused Bathroom

Contemporary Focused Bathroom

The choice of stone for this narrow bathroom is sandstone tiles which add a nice warm tone to it. The shower corner is enclosed in glass and features a simple shower head and elongated tap. The decor is completely minimalistic to save space.

5. Lighty Bathroom

Lighty Bathroom

Perfect for bathroom with no space at all, this look features an all glass shower corner. Whiten is the in focus color while the wall inside the shower corner has been highlighted using aqua tiles. A simple shower head and a towel stand are installed within the shower corner.

6. Well-organized Small Bathroom

Well-organized Small Bathroom

This decor is just right for you if your bathroom doesn’t have any space. The shower corner is sleek and enclosed in glass which has a hand shower installed in it along with space to keep your shampoo. Outside the enclosure is a slender wooden cupboard which doesn’t take up any space at all and has a number of racks for your utilities.

7. Sandstone Tiles

sandstone tiles

This decor is all about simplicity at its very best. Natural sandstone tiles adorn the wall while the shower corner features glass enclosure. A shower head sits aptly on the wall, which also holds a rack for your bath utilities.

8. Compact Bathroom

Compact bathroom

This bathroom has it all, but quite compactly. Beside the shower corner sits the comod and the flush is attached to the wall. A small cupboard has been dedicated to storing of utilities on which two red abstract designed glass vases add a dash of color to the decor.

9. Traditional Bathroom

Traditional Bathroom

This look is a somewhat for traditional bathroom decor, which includes a shower corner and a wash basin. The floor has polka dotted tiles, while a white framed mirror adorns the wall in front of the basin.

10. Narrow Bathroom

Narrow Bathroom

This look is perfect if your bathroom is narrow. The shower corner features marble walls beside with is a narrow yet well designed cupboard for your towels.

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