Clear Wall Seperation

Pictures to Inspire You in Decorating your Bathroom

Pictures to Inspire You in Decorating your Bathroom will be discovered now. Just take a little time to check this things below. The best place to pamper yourself and just be you is inside a comfortable bathroom. This small space holds every secret you have and have witnessed your ups and downs. And since this is the place where you can be you and no one will bother you, it should be decorated properly as well. The following small bathroom designs pictures can help you generate ideas for your own bathroom designs.

1. Glassy Panel Ideas

Glassy Panel Ideas

The glass panels of the shower room below consume less space compare to using a concrete wall to separate it from your toilet and wash basin. Placing a plant or something green on the room can make it look refreshing and the plant helps in circulating the air inside the room.

2. Materials embedded

Materials embedded

The embedded soap and shampoo dish is the best feature of this picture. It allows unused spaces to accommodate your toiletries. Its wide window that let the sunlight pass through also adds in the relaxing ambiance of the bathroom.

3. Wooded Wall

Wooded Wall

Wooden furniture and wood-designed tiles that decorates the picture below creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. Combines with white color for curtains and clear glass the bathroom looks more lively despite its small size.

4. Clear Glass with Hanger

Clear Glass with Hanger

Attaching cloth or towel hanger on your clear glass such as in the next picture takes advantage of unused spaces. The location is very accessible and does not hinder your movement.

5. Blueish Concept

Blueish Concept

A top view picture of a bluish bathroom that uses a modern toilet attached to the wall which consumes less space than the traditional one. The vertical lines on the wall emphasize on the length of the room and let you forget about its small width.

6. Shower and Bathtub Opposite

Shower and Bathtub Opposite

Another top view picture is presented below but this time the shower area and bath tub are based on opposite corner to allow more space for movements.  With its light blue and white color, the bathroom looks cool and refreshing.

7. Storage Cabinet Ideas

Storage Cabinet Ideas

The best feature of the next picture is its storage cabinets. It makes use of floating shelves for your toiletries and other bathroom decoration at the same time a medicine cabinet installed on top of the sink. Its color makes it look like a vintage inspired bath room.

8. White Bathroom

White Bathroom

Nothing beat a white bathroom like the one shown below. It looks clean, neat, and spacious. It offers a peaceful place to enjoy a relaxing bath and pamper you.

9. Unique Shape

Unique Shape

Another white bathroom is featured in the next picture but this time the bathtub’s unique shape allows bigger space for the user to move around.  The towel rods are nicely placed on the corner without consuming so much space on the room.

10. Clear Wall Separation

Clear Wall Seperation

Last but not the least of all the small bathroom designs pictures is shown below. A modern bathroom with clear walls that separates the shower room from the rest of the bathroom makes the room larger. The dark colored walls and decorations shows the modern touch on the place and the floating shelves under the sink provides a very comfortable and appropriate storage area for bath towels and other toiletries.

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