Simple yet trendy small bathroom design


Selecting the right paint colors and tiles for your bathroom is of great importance for it sets the appearance and feel of the interior design. This is an important consideration for small bathrooms for you have to achieve a wider and bigger look to avoid feeling claustrophobic and crowded. Additionally, some people say not to use dark colors in your bathroom for it will make you feel cramped. However, if you select a matching paint color scheme it could look appealing. Monochromatic colors if combined with neutral colors and other light colors can lead to beautiful and cheerful small bathrooms designs. To help you decide for a design, we have gathered 10 pictures from which you can choose from.

1.   Contemporary Bathroom Dublin

minimalist monochromatic small bathroom design

The image shows a minimalist monochromatic small bathroom design. The stylish and functional white vanity is made more dramatic by the presence of bathroom decorations. The shower curtain also matches the monochromatic design of the room. Moreover, the large scale black tiles and the mat create a sense of elegance to the room.

2.   Black,White Mosaic Bathroom Tile

Black and white small bathroom

Above shows a great variation of tile design from simple to mosaic. The combination of white, black and brown colored tiles creates a contemporary and stunning bathroom design. Also, the wooden floor is a good contrast to the monochromatic design. The suspended towel holder provides more floor space to this small spaced bathroom.

3.   Simple Yet Trendy Bathroom Design

Simple yet trendy small bathroom design

This is a simple yet trendy bathroom design. The black and white combination of wall tiles and toilet and bathtub suggests a creative design. Also, the large wall mirror makes the room look spacious.

4.   Beautiful And Glamorous Bathroom Design

Beautiful and glamorous small bathroom design

A beautiful and glamorous bathroom design is seen on the image above. The white sink, toilet and shower floor tower is a perfect combination to the large scale black tiles. The suspended storage unit also has a dramatic appeal together with the wide mirror.

5.   Modern Design Bathroom

convenient and functional bathroom

This is a convenient and functional bathroom made even more attractive by the monochromatic design. The shiny and exquisite floor tile makes this design a good choice for your bathroom. The sink is a well-matched to the creative vanity. Likewise, the gray colored walls of the shower area, is a plus point in this design.

6.   White And Black Small Bathroom Design

White and black small bathroom design

Simplicity is indeed beauty as seen on the image above. A minimalist would surely enjoy a design like this. The pedestal sink look so stunning in the corner with a mirror above it. The presence of the vase in the window is also a great sight. The black and white colors combination of this room is simply amazing.

7.   Classy Bathroom Design

Classy small bathroom design

The contemporary combination of black, white, gray and pale brown colors makes this design classy.  The black mosaic tile patterns on the walls above the toilet, is an attraction matched by the beautiful fixtures of the shower area.

  1. Black and white bathroom

white and black tiles

No bathroom so small could lose its beauty if you choose the right tile color and design. The narrow pattern of the black tile design paired with the light illuminating from above is an eye-catcher. Also, the  storage units keep this room still functional regardless of its small size.

9. Narrow bathroom

small bathroom in black and white

Above is a very narrow bathroom yet with the proper tile colors the bathroom is still able to achieve an attractive sight. The good thing about this design is the use of only one color and shade of black tile not making the room look crowded even though it is small-spaced. Most are amazingly black, from the sink, to the walls and floors.

10.   Small Bathroom With A Lotus Designed Wallpaper

monochromatic bathroom design

If you want to bring more life to your monochromatic bathroom, you can choose a lotus designed wallpaper like the image above. Notice also the suspended storage unit with small potted flowers on top of it making the room look gorgeous.


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