Small bathroom with a half glass sreen

Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas

It is more logical and practical to have a small bathroom. But you can still have an elegant and chic one even though you only have a small space. If you have a small bathroom, it is important to maximize your spaces. By mixing the proper colors, practical storage and organization, you can actually own a great bathroom. You can have a bathroom with clever layouts or practical storage ones. Have a bathroom with better functioning, better organization and easy to use bathroom for grooming and other necessities.

Here are some ideas on how you can have a beautiful bathroom with a limited space.

A pod bath and a Florence basin is perfect for a small bathroom combine it with porcelain floor tiles.

1. Exotic Wood Veneers

Bathroom with exotic wood veneers

This bathroom is made of exotic wood veneers. The ebony veneer is perfect with the black stone worktop.

2.  Glass half screen

Small bathroom with a half glass sreen

Some small bathrooms use sliding doors to maximize space. It is practical to use a wet room with glass half screen. This is to prevent splashing and create a feeling of space.

3. Black And White Bathroom

White and black bathroom design

Black and white will never be out. With the appropriate decors, this black and white bathroom of yours can be elegant and chic.

4. Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary bathroom design

Create a contrast between your bath and your walls. It does not have to be expensive. You just have to shop at the right place and choose the right design for you. Never forget to be practical.

5. White Bathtub

Small bathroom with a white bathtub

You can actually divide your room to hide an open shower. In this way you can have a combined bathroom and a bedroom.

6. Bathroom With Storage

Modern bathroom design

Black will always be in. if you think that it is visually cold, you can tone it up with brighter accents if you wish.

7. Perfect Bathroom Design

Bathroom with different color tiles

The different color tiles in this bathroom define the entire space.  Add up the fabulous shower and sink, this bathroom is perfect for anyone.

8. Neat Bathroom Design

Neat bathroom design idea

Monotones always look smart and neat. This will never go out of style. Do a striking scheme to do the trick. You do not need to have a bigger space to have a chic bathroom.

9. Chic Bathroom

Small bathroom

This bathroom looks chic even though it only has a little space.

10. White Modern Sink

Bathroom with a modern sink

Always remember that in deciding which design you are going to have for your bathroom, you should think of comfort and function before anything else. It would not matter if you have small space, you can still have a functional, elegant, comfortable, chic and fabulous bathroom if you wish. Always remember to maximize spaces and never decide on a very fast pace. Think about everything that you are going to put in your bathroom, which angle you are going to take, where to position things. It will be hard at first but once you get the hang of it, and once you find your inspiration, ideas will continue to flow and you can always be resourceful on things. Never think that you will not be able to do it. If you do not have a lot of money, it is always better to invest in a small space.

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