replica of Iranian hamam Bath

Inspirational Modern Bathroom Design For Small Spaces

Inspirational Modern Bathroom is trending in terms of bathroom design. Luxurious master bath in a confined space with bay windows, capturing scintillating view from terrace, garden or bedroom, Jacuzzi bath, whirlpool water stream or simply a shower bath all needs to be a relaxing experience. Lovely faucetry, basins and other bath accessories can make your bath an exhilarating one. Classic-modern or a fusion of styles with verisimilitude tiling and flooring arrangements, hint of scented flowers add colour to your bathing experience.

Bathroom accessories come in range of styles and designs. Whether you are just getting ready for a night out or taking a soothing bath, having a well-appointed bathroom will turn it into a place that you’ll love to linger in. Create the bathroom look you want by simply adding these bath accessory sets into it. For today, we will give you a list of different modern bathroom sets. Scroll down and take a look at what we have gathered for you. Enjoy every crafts and designs as we deliver it to you with pleasure.


1. Grey-Beige Stylish Bathroom

Grey-beige Stylish Bathroom

Grey-beige stripped walls is the most striking feature of this bathroom. Lamps and runway bulb lights over a stretched mirror and porcelain polished wash basin and silver tap, contemporary art picture hung over the low commode reflecting in the mirror. Petulas on glass vase adds a dash of vibrancy.

2. Glassy with Metal Head Shower

Glassy with Metal Head Shower

Glass encased shower bath with metal head shower, granite wall and floor tiles complete the shower area. Light wood bathroom low cupboards and drawers, two wash basins and lamps conjoined together overlooking a humungous wide mirror completes this bathroom.

3. Urbanized Bathroom

Urbanized Bathroom

This is a urban finish bathroom with grey walls and white box tiled wall. Small round mirror, white hand basin with tiny glass metal taps, two wall fitted lamps emitting dim yellow light, brown waste baskets and a painting hung over the wall creates a simple look.

4. Replica of Iranian Hamam Bath

replica of Iranian hamam Bath

This is somewhat a replica of Iranian hamam bath with intricate Persian and old Roman style carving fused into the white marble stone splendid bath tub and side tables. Two antique mirror on either side table overlooking a vihara shape window and rusty wallpaper gives it an old world charm.

5. Old Style bathroom

Old Style bathroom

Another old styled simple bathroom with tub form of bathtub in the open area and a box enclosed glass shower area.Separate washbasins,a hint of separate toilet inside the discreet narrow door and low metallic hook for hanging in this otherwise mundane bathroom.

6. Simple Refreshing Bathroom

Simple Refreshing Bathroom

Simplistic design on a refreshing bathroom paint this one is layered with white polarize lighting lamps. One upside down sliding window without grill and wooden hand wash cabinet, a commode in one corner completes this bathroom design.

7. Garden Decored Bathroom

Garden Decored Bathroom

This is a neat and garden side bathroom. Green low climber in a flat pot and water-cress white plant in a glass pot on a grey granulating marble granite wash basin board, customary silver tap and white marbled bathing space accessorize the bathroom. Note has been taken to provide space in the box mirror and wash basin rests on a glass door cupboard. Metal fish showpiece adds variety to this bathroom.

8. Ceramic Design Bathroom

Ceramic Design Bathroom

An all white ceramic washbasin attached with cupboard, a small box cupboard hung on the wall. There is a commode and behind it is the bathing space separated by printed curtains. Metal liquid hand wash jar on the white basin makes it shine.

9. Taekwood Drawer Bathroom

Taekwood Drawer Bathroom

Teakwood drawers beneath the all white basin added to it are the iron taps, bright light and a hint of centralized air-conditioner fitted on the false ceiling gives it a cool mode.

10.  Terrace Styled Bathroom

terrace styled bathroom

This is a terrace styled bathroom. It creates a symphonic Lord Tennyson’s description of the lake and pond with white swans. However, the difference here is that it has a slanting roof on one side with mosaic tiles. It has a magnificent Kubla Khan’s dome shaped door with breathtaking view of the outside. A wicker basket with two kinds of bathing experience, shower side and bathtub is appropriate for opulence.

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