green tiny bathroom with shelving

Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

Tiny bathrooms can be hard to maintain and design. Investing in good storage is a good investment and this would minimize the clutter in your bathroom. Stone is a popular material used in bathrooms. Ceramic tiles that like timber is a popular one right now. Having a large format of rectangular tiles is a good idea to enlarge the visual scale in your bathroom. Having a brick pattern will have a visual illusion of elongation in your bathroom. Choosing a neutral palette and light colors will enhance a sense of space. If you see a lot of floor space, it would also seem like the room has a larger space. It is better to have floating vanity and cabinets for storage. Wall-mounted basins and accessories is also a good idea. Create a wet area with frameless screen.

1. Use a wall-mounted faucet

Use a wall-mounted faucet

Use a wall-mounted faucet, in this manner; you can have a narrower sink or vanity. This would free up a square footage ion the entire room. By having this kind of traditional design, it will work in any bathroom.

2. Install a trough sink

powder toom in tiny bathroom

Install a trough sink for a narrow and clean styling design. This kind of sink has a low profile and will be a perfect solution for small spaces. If you mount it on the wall, it will free space for the floor for storage and floor traffic.

3.Using a large scale pattern

Using a large scale pattern

Using a large scale pattern will trick the eye in seeing a larger space. It would still be in the same square footage but the room will definitely look larger.

4. Opt for a rounded style vanity

tiny bathroom with mosaics and tiles

Opt for a rounded style vanity. In this manner, you will be able to avoid sharp edges to hurt your hip or other body parts in tight space. This kind of vanity will work in a square space.

5.Freeing up floor space

white tiny bathroom

Freeing up floor space is a smart idea for small bathrooms. The room will feel larger with a wall-mounted sink like this one. This would also give a unique and unexpected look for your bathroom.

6. Mixing prints and textures

gray bathroom with printed curtain

Mixing prints and textures is not a bad idea to have a sophisticated bathroom. In this manner, you can still have a beautiful bathroom with a tiny space available.

7. Colorful display

green tiny bathroom with shelving

You can have a sophisticated bathroom by having colorful display. Since you cannot have a large space for your bathroom, why not find time in beautifying your bathroom with accents and accessories?

8. brighten up your tiny bathroom

decorative shelves and hooks

Texture can be a big impact to your bathroom even in a small space. Use colors that will show off the architectural details of your bathroom. Use this kind of method to brighten up your tiny bathroom.

9.  Personalisation

white and yellow tiny bathroom

With just the right amount of personality, you can pull of a beautiful tiny bathroom with white as the dominant color. A patterned shower curtain like this one can brighten up the rest of the neutral space.

10. Decorative shelf and hook combo

tiny white bathoom

Since you only have tiny space to show off your bathroom, go beyond the standard options used in a bathroom. Go for a more decorative shelf and hook combo.



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