Contemporary bathroom design

How To Give Your Bathroom A Spa Feel

Bathroom is a place to relax and with the modern architectural designs people are bringing in salon like treatment in the area which may have a shower area separately enclosed, bathing tub in one corner, an enclosed area or a room for seating where you can put your feet in the spa tub by sitting on the couch. Putting lots of skin treatment products on the shelves or in the cabinets arranged in the bathroom makes it easy for you to have a spa feel in the bathroom. Lights emanate from the bathroom when you can have special designs of lights in the bathroom. Towels arranged in the bathroom and windows accompanying with small plants keep the bathroom fresh. You can also keep bathing tub on the wooden flooring with sofa to rest on.

1.  Contemporary Bathroom


Bathroom with white porcelain tub

Boat like shape of the white porcelain tub is placed inside the bathing area enclosed by glass. There are two small boat like wash basin. Orange towels hang to give a Japanese feel.

2.  Modern Bathroom

Bathroom with rectangular white porcelain tub

Rectangular white porcelain tub with wooden seat and metallic faucets leave you mesmerized which have a white panelled window from where view of the tree is seen. Wooden shelves are placed on the wall where shampoo lotions, creams and all sorts of skin care products are kept.

3.  Elegant Bathroom

Bathroom with palm tree grove

Palm tree grove inside the bathroom leaves your body and mind in a relaxed position. Coconut carved out bathing tub is placed in one corner, a golden colour small showpiece of tub is placed in another corner to keep the bottles and there is a door which leads you to the inside of the spa area.

4.  White Oval Shaped Bathing Tub 

Bathroom with a white bathtub

White oval shaped bathing tub on the white marble with black line tiles with a temple like corner carved out where a sofa rests give you a peaceful mood. Glass print in cut shape diamond chains behind the bathing tub acts natural element.

5.  Bathroom With Porcelain Bathing Tub

Contemporary bathroom design

A long and oval shaped white colour porcelain bathing tub kept low in one corner surrounded by trees have white pebbles bordering one side on top of a wooden flooring of the bathroom. Separate shower area is also enclosed within the glass door.

6.  Aquamarine Concept Of The Tiles

Bathroom with accent wall

Aquamarine concept of the tiles and cover has two separate areas for bathing of which one is the shower area and in the open space white colour rectangular tub in white porcelain matches with surrounding.

7.  Small And Open Bathroom

Bathroom with a bathing tub

A small and open bathroom has a bathing tub with sloping glass on the wall and a dressing mirror in oval shape kept in the bedroom.

8.  Traditional Bathroom

Big bathtub is placed on the wooden flooring

A big bathtub is placed on the wooden flooring beside which is the white colour single sofa and a white hearth giving you at home salon style treatment.

9. Eclectic Bathroom

Bathroom with a sloping roof

Bathing tub enclosed within the section of the tiles and a sloping roof with tiles and white cement looks dangling.

10.  Beautiful Bathroom

Bathing area is enclosed within the glass

Bathing area enclosed within the glass and separate table for bathing towels and a small potted plant leaves you comfortable

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