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Gothic red and black bathroom décor

Red and black bathroom Ideas

Red and black has always been favored by art deco designs and eventually blossomed to gothic art. The black, with its dark tones and the red with its fiery bright color are perfect for each other. This kind of gothic design is highly popular with the younger generation but now it has invaded the bathroom designs. Designers have found out that black, red and white make a fantastic statement not only in rooms but in the bathrooms as well. We’ve compiled some ideas of combining red, black and white colors used in bathrooms and you are the judge if they jive with each other to produce stunning results.

 1. Checkerboard Tiles

checked tiles

The black and white checkerboard tiles used on the floor contrasted beautifully with the red colored vanity cabinet. The red vanity cabinet gave a bold statement to this white bathroom.

 2. Floating vanity cabinet

bathroom sink

The red floating vanity cabinet against a black wall is a feast for the eyes. The white sink is a great accent that divided the black from the red.

3.  Black Colored Large Cabinet

black cabinets

The black colored large cabinet made a wonderful contrast to the white sink, floors and tub. The small black area rug added to the image but the splash of red that came from the flower and lamp are the statements of this bathroom.

 4. Black Slate Tiles

shower cubicle

The black slate tiles used on the floor gave a lovely contrast to the white interior color of the bathroom. The red tiles used on a small side of the wall and decors gave a dramatic effect to this bathroom and made it look fabulous.

  1.  Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile

The black and white mosaic tiles are great designs but it was superseded by the small red colored cabinet found on the side of the pedestal sink.

 6. Square black tiled floor

black tiled floor

The square black tiled floor with white grout was no match for the red glossy countertop of the vanity cabinet and small cushioned chair. The black gave the perfect backdrop but the reds stood out.

7. Glass red tiles

Glass red tiles

The glass red tiles used on the entire wall of the tub area are the focal point of this bathroom. The black slipper, tray, vase and bowl are nice accents for the red.

  1.   Red sink and Countertop

    Red sink and Countertop

The black cabinet served as the perfect foil for the glossy fiery red sink and countertop. The beautiful red sink and countertop are the focal point of this bathroom. The unique design of the small red lamp suspended above the sink adds a dramatic effect.

 9. Large black square tile

Large black square tile

The large black square tiles with white grout are fantastic and matched the black countertop of the cabinet. The red touches in the use of a small area rug and plastic basket contrast perfectly with the black. The small red flowers are a lovely accent.

10. Red brick walls

Red brick bathroom walls

This is a simple but awesome bathroom. The red brick walls matched perfectly with the frame of the mirror and towels. The black rack matched with the dark floors but the reds still win the day.

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