Glamorous Traditional Bathroom

Functional Bathrooms Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Functional Bathrooms Ideas For Small Bathrooms is helpful in deciding nowadays in terms of interior designing. While designing your house, if you have not been able to keep a lot of space for your bathrooms, worry not! Here are some ideas how you could still have that dream bathroom within a limited space. These designs offer you all the modern amenities and storage area as well.

A home would not be a home without a bathroom. The bathroom is a private area for sanitation and comfort. It is a place where one has a private time in taking care of their personal hygiene by taking showers and others. One would always want to feel refreshed and relaxed by the time they leave the area. But of course, a good bathroom that is clean and well-designed would be a better place to clean-up. It is also a place where we can loosen up our tired mind and body to isolate us away from stress.

1. Colour Print Bathroom

Colour Print Bathroom

This bathroom has a lot of colour prints – ideal for young kids. The wash basin and the commode are placed next to each other. There is a separate showering area and the floor and walls are thus easier to maintain.

2.  Gray Interior Bathroom


This bathroom has gray interiors – you will like this if you are fond of darker shades. One of the walls has tiles that give a stone-finish look. The wash basin is circular in shape and there are provisions for hanging your clothes.

3. White Bathroom with Hints of Blue Design

White Bathroom with Hints of Blue Design

This bathroom is mostly set up in white with hints of blue. The wash basin is large and has plenty of storage space below it. The blue mat adds colour and there is a separate shower area.

4. Black Marble Bathroom

Black Marble Bathroom

This bathroom has a glass door to separate the shower panel. The wash basin and bath tub is set in black marble. The light fitting adds more style to the space. The floor has a stone finish.

5 .Wooden Panel Bathroom

Wooden Panel Bathroom

The wooden panels make this bathroom look very different. To match the colour, the wall is set in white and brown. The curtain is made out of cut-work fabric.

6. Glass Door Bathroom

Glass Door Bathroom

This bathroom has a separate showering zone- separated by a glass door, thus creating space as per your convenience. The wash basin has a storage cabinet below it.

7. Spacer Saver Bathroom

Spacer Saver Bathroom

This bathroom saves a lot of space as the bath tub is separated from the rest of the area by just a glass partition. In built shelves are made to save space and yet create some space for your knick knacks. The wash basin is right next to the tub.

8. Convenient Bathroom with Metal Fitting

 Convenient Bathroom with Metal Fitting

This bathroom gives you a very bright look as it is set up in white and bright red. There are lot of metal fittings used to make it more convenient for you. The shower panel is completely away from the wash basin and is covered by a shower curtain. The basin has a sleek modern look to it. A circular mirror of a very innovative shape is put up on the wall.

9. Glamorous Traditional Bathroom

Glamorous Traditional Bathroom

The light fittings add a glamour quotient to this bathroom. The bath tub is behind a set of glass sliding doors. A semi circular mirror adorns the wall. A wash basin is placed at a convenient place. A small potted plants lights up the space.

10. Colored Hues Bathroom

Colored Hues Bathroom

The tiles add style to this bathroom. The walls are coloured in very light hues. To create a contrast, two of the walls have a mix of shades of brown. The wash basin has a very modern design and has a big cabinet just below it.

11. Tiles and Mosaic Designed Bathroom

Tiles and Mosaic Designed Bathroom

There are a lot of different colours in this bathroom, all created with tiles- white, mosaic and dark brown. The wash basin is circular in shape and there are shelves here and there.

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