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Features Your Bathroom Can’t do Without

The bathroom of today is no longer just a room with utilitarian purposes. This part of your home needs to be pleasing and comfortable with regards to design. It is a place where you want to have convenience and also comfort. The more you devote in creating the right bathroom in your home, the better you will feel every single day when you walk in there.
If there is one thing that defines the bathroom, it is the features you implement there. Often times taste dictates your choice, while in other cases you might be after a pleasing design that looks good and doesn’t cause any trouble in terms of bathroom cleaning. Practicality is another thing to keep in mind. Take into consideration each of the following components in order to have the best bathroom for your home:


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Having a shower area is common solution for bathrooms of small size. Showers fit in any room, even one with sloping ceiling and walls. The flexibility in their design makes them a preferable option in so many cases. Often showers are included together with an enclosure of some sort, with curtains or sliding doors. Consider that such features require serious cleaning service, as often they become spoiled with soap scum and hard water deposits.


red and white bathtub

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if you desire a place for ultimate relaxation, installing a tub in your bathroom is the ideal option. There is nothing as good as a relaxing bath after a long and tiring day. Even though it may be tempting to go after a big bath tub, sometimes this is far from being a good solution. A small-sized bathroom will leave too little space to maneuver around and limit other options. Furthermore, a grand tub will also require excessive bathroom cleaning. Sometimes it is better to go with a small tub, or in case the room is small, no tub at all.


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one of the most used features in your bathroom is the vanity. Since it takes a central role in the room, you will do good to select one, which complements the overall design and theme. Select a model that has enough room for storing all of your bathroom equipment – towels, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and more. If space allows it, you can go after a double vanity, which adds extra utility and space to store items.


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the mirror is the heart and soul of the bathroom. More often than not, the mirror is connected to the bathroom vanity. A lot of vanity models feature mirrors as well, and in other cases mirrors have to be installed separately. There is a rule of thumb that goes for mirrors and vanities – the size of the mirror should be chosen in relation to the size of the vanity. It is important to decide whether your mirror will feature mounting elements, as these often times require additional cleaning service.

Make sure you invest enough effort in creating a pleasing bathroom in your home. You want to feel comfortable there and you want to have an easy time using the room and its features.


Article Contributed by Megan Powell


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