10 Elegant Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas

We forget about walls as an opportunity for decoration, often relying on soft furnishings and key pieces of furniture as a way to be creative and stylish. But walls, being the foundation of any room, have much more potential than just holding up the ceiling.

Blank walls, especially large ones in a subtle colour, are a blank canvas for inspired interior design. Walls are an opportunity to put our own personality on display, and turn our rooms into a place that we really want to be. From photos, to art, interesting tiles, or even clever paint patterns and effects, our walls can really turn around our bathrooms and turn them from drab to fab.

Join us in exploring these wonderful bathrooms of all tastes and sizes, to see how wall decoration can really change a bathroom, create eye-catching focal points, or add a bit of yourself into a bland room:

1. Quirky Candle Holders

African style candle holders

These African style candle holders are alternative in the way they hang vertically and bold against the subtle bedroom.

2. Mismatched Ceramic Decorations

Mismatched ceramic decor idea

This funky and quirky look has been achieved with a collection of random ceramic plates and ornaments placed mosaic-like on a small part of the bathroom wall.

3. Grand Staircase

Interior with bold and stand out wall appliques

Large rooms with a lot of wall space to fill can look breathtaking with bold and stand out wall appliques.

4. Sparkle Effect

Subtle and effective sparkle effect

This subtle and effective sparkle effect is difficult to tell if it’s an effect of spotlighting, or clever painting. The mystery adds to the intrigue and beauty.

5. Mini Canvas Collection

Cute and cool mini canvas

This cute and cool mini canvas look better as a cluster than they would as individual and large features. SImilar colours and styles make the effect what it is; bold and understated at the same time.

6. Feature Wallpaper

Bathroom with a white floral wallpaper

Feature walls are a simple and effective way to add an entirely new dimension to any room, large or small.

7. Metallic Wallpaper

Bold metallic patterned wallpaper

We often steer clear of bold and repeated metallics because of the huge effect they can have, but this is proof that bold metallic patterns can look beautiful.

8. Wooden Wall Panels

Bathroom with wooden wall

For a reverse stylish look in your bathroom, switch up your wall and floor materials and turn your tiled walls into cool wooden panels.

9. Mini Geometric tiles

Small geometric wall tiles

Small geometric tiles can appear subtle from afar and effective up close. For a stylish and modern look, choose an alternative colour and shape of your tiles.

10. Black And White Photo Collection

Small and subtle bathroom

These minimal photos look smart and sophisticated in this small and subtle bathroom.

Wall features can add style and elegance to any bathroom, even those with a strict minimal style. Improve the atmosphere of your bathroom by adding warmth, depth, or fun with elegant wall decorations.

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