bathroom with wallpaper


A shower room is a great place in the house as it a place we go to get refreshed and keep clean.  To have a good bathroom with a cool small shower room, you need to choose right fixtures and fittings including the cool decorations like a bathroom wallpaper ,mirrors, cabinets, storage system or shelving.

Some people prefer shower rooms than bathtub because it saves more space and is efficient. It also uses less amount of water compared to tubs. Showers designs are affected by the location and purpose it serves. Some showers are integrated with the tub. Some showers have curtains, folding or sliding doors. So, if you are looking for small shower room inspirations, we have collected 10 pictures from which you can choose from.

1.   Small Shower Design With Light Green Wall Tiles

Small shower design

Above is a small shower design with light green wall tiles. The sink on the corner though small is a convenient considering the size of the room.

2.   Contemporary Design With Varying Shades Of Brown

contemporary design for small shower room

The photo above shows a contemporary design with varying shades of brown. The pale brown ceramic tiles are a great match to the mosaic tiles near the tub.

3.   Classy And Stunning Bathroom

classy and stunning bathroom with small scale ceramic tiles

The cool neutral colors in the design above highlights a classy and stunning bathroom with small scale ceramic tiles. The small shower has narrow yet elegant fixture. Notice also, the modern sink that also acts as a storage unit.

  1. Small shower with beautiful ceramic tiles

Small shower

In the image is a small shower with beautiful ceramic tiles. There are also built-in shelves for toiletries in the wall as well as floating storage units which saves floor space. The glass door of the walk-in shower brings an illusion of larger space.

5.    Pedestal Sink And Toilet Matches The Stylish Glass Shower

Small stylish glass shower

The pedestal sink and toilet matches the stylish glass shower. The wooden floor also complements the ceramic wall tiles.

6.   Amazing And Cool Shower Room Design

Small amazing and cool shower room design

This is an amazing and cool shower room design accentuated by the varying shades of blue tiles. The combination of white and blue color in the design above creates a sophisticated and refreshing shower room. Notice also the drop-in sink with attractive ceramic countertop.

  1. Shower Room with Double Shower Heads

modern shower

Many people wanted to experience a refreshing shower area that resembles a spa. The image above shows how you can achieve that desire. The dark colored ceramic tiles with double shower heads look so inviting. The pebble based floor also adds a pleasant appeal to the shower. Similarly, the vertical floating shelf n the corner is great way to save floor space.

8.   Beautiful White Colored Shower Room 

Small beautiful white colored hower room design

Indeed, there is beauty in a dominantly white colored shower room. You can never go wrong with this tile color for it is classy and striking. The small scale mosaic tiles in the walls create a beautiful contrast to the simple tile design.

9.   Cream Colored Shower Room

cream colored shower room with white tub and sink

Nothing is too small with the right interior design. The image above shows a cream colored shower room with white tub and sink. The bird-designed wall paper is also brings drama to this simple yet neat shower room.

10.  Shower bathroom with wallpaper

bathroom with wallpaper

The good thing about small bathroom is you can spend your time and money on tiles and wallpapers to make it look more appealing and wider. As seen on the image above, the gray and white combination of tiles creates a neat and fabulous shower room design. Also, take note of the astounding light bulbs above the mirror that helps emphasize the floral wall paper on the background. The steel fixtures also add style to the room.

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