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Efficient Storage Spaces for Small Bathrooms

A very effective way in making your small spaced bathroom look organized and well-arranged is through the use of storage spaces. However, usual storage spaces can take up floor space so in the end, your bathroom can look crowded. But there are storage spaces designs that can improve the look of your bathroom without taking up too much floor space. You can utilize spaces like the walls, under the sink, and even over the toilets to put in your shelves and cabinets.

  1.  Storage Towers

Storage tower cabinets

Storage tower cabinets can still be applied for your bathroom so long as they don’t mare your room smaller. Tower cabinets are nice if they are narrow as they won’t take up too much floor space, while still able to cater to lots of stuff to be stored. Put them up against walls or near bathroom fixtures like the sink.

  1.  Divide your storage cabinets

inside your cabinets

Divide your storage cabinets into shelves and levels which you can turn into drawers. Sort your bathroom essentials according to types and kinds and put them in boxes before storing them inside your cabinets to have a cleaner look.

  1. Bathroom Tower Cabinets

Tower Cabinets

You can also choose to have several tower cabinets that are narrow enough to fit in small spaces. This way you can have separate cabinets for your toilet roll which you can put near the toilet. Or a separate cabinet for towels that you can put near your shower area. So your bathroom is still organized and you can easily reach for the things that you need.

  1.  Under the sink shelves

Under the sink shelf

Under the sink shelf is another popular space saving design for bathroom storage. Under the sink shelves can be made of drawers and dividers for a more organized look. You can put in your vanity kits in the drawers while you can store towels and other bathroom essentials to the rest of the partition.

5.  Mirror And Cabinet

sink storage spaces

There are also over the sink storage spaces which can be in the form of a mirrored door cabinet. This design has been around for long and combines two essential bathroom needs, the mirror and cabinet. You can put in your medicines and other small bottles for vanity on this cabinet.

  1.  Over the toilet shelves

Over the toilet shelves

Another space saving shelf ideas are those over the toilet shelves. They are specially made to fit in to the free spaces above the toilet. They are different from hanging over the toilet shelves, but are still effective in saving floor space as they have narrow bases.

  1.  Over the toilet hanging cabinets

 toilet hanging cabinets

You can also choose to have over the toilet hanging cabinets. They can be divided in several partitions and can even have drawers. You can put in essential bathroom stuff like folded towels and tissues.

8.  Hanging wall shelves

Hanging wall shelves

Hanging wall shelves are effective space savers because then you’ll have more floor space. Also they can be made of various and unusual materials. Also you can put hanging cabinets for specific bathroom essentials near the fixture where they are needed the most.

  1. Unusual Storage designs

Unusual Storage designs

Unusual designs for bathroom storage spaces make the bathroom look artistic and funky. There are lots of unique designs for bathroom storage made of unusual materials. Like a metal towel rack that can be hang in the walls. You can roll your towels and sore them in these racks.

10. Cup shaped storage spaces

tooth brush cup shaped holder

You can also use big cup shaped storage spaces for your vanity unit. Put in toothbrushes, hairbrush, and other bottled essentials in different cup shaped storage spaces, which are attached to the wall. It would also be nice if there are labels and pictures in the cups so you can put stuff in their proper spaces.

With proper storage spaces ideas and designs a small bathroom would cease to be a problem. As you can make your bathroom look more spacious and wide than it really is through the use of cabinets and shelves. Also they make a bathroom look even more organized and well arranged.


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