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Designing Small Bathroom to Make it Look Stunningly Attractive

What are you busy at? Try Designing Small Bathroom to Make it Look Stunningly Attractive. Your bathroom says a lot about you. It echoes your habit, your action, and exposes the way you live your private life. Nothing is hidden in your bathroom.  It lays open and bare as you come in and out of it. It shows your lifestyle. It tells who you are. Though you have that small space in your bathroom, you take serious consideration how you would like it to appear and how you would like it to look really stunning. So here are practical tips on design for small bathroom.

Below are the styles designed for your creative and craft desires. Just take a time to view at it and it will surely amaze you.


 Create border around the room.

  • Designing your small bathroom with tile border creates an interesting look. The top and middle sectionsof the shower wall with tile laid horizontally around the shower section extending to the toilet area make the room appealing. At the top of the tub is oval golden steel bars designed for hanging bath towels. It provides function despite the limited dimension of this room.

1. Alamo Square Bath

Alamo Square Bath

Give your bathroom a retro look.

  • Using different color tiles that is retro-inspired is a unique design concept. It gives a deep color to your bathroom. To make it sleek in appearance, you can opt for glossy surface for your bathroom tiles. Such will give the wall tilesthat real shiny look.

2. Suzanne Fortescue

Suzanne Fortescue

Provide a fabulous look to highlight a unique bathroom fixture.

  • The shape and depth of the sink together with its eye-catching faucet that looks like a wheel are the ones featured in this bathroom. For it to be the main focus of attention, a background made of tiles with pattern design is laid from the wall to the floor on the same space where the sink is fixedly attached.

3. Bohemian Apartment Bathroom with Moroccan Tile

Bohemian Apartment Bathroom with Moroccan Tiles

 Install a narrow rectangular sink that runs parallel with the wainscot.

  • Though this bathroom has small space the attenuated appearance of the sink provides extra mobility. The way it is laid out together with those beautiful tiles in wainscot treatmentgives this place a neat look.

4. Powder Room Renewal

Powder Room Renewal

Take fancy in indoor decorative plant. 

  • To bring that fresh garden feel in this bathroom, the decorative plant is laid seated on the toilet tank. White roses on a clear vase provide a romantic style in this place.

5. Greenbrae, CA

Greenbrae, CA

Carry that personal statement in the bathroom.

  • Who could tell that his bathroom is just a place for taking care of your hygienic needs? It can also be a place where you can extend your personal style.  It looks cute for that big pink butterfly to stay still on the glass door that seems to look attracted to your shower room.  Those glossy letter décor that spelled love and nice reddish storage under the sink exude a lovely look.

6. Family Bathroom

Family Bathroom

 Make a space for a large mirror.

  • The presence of the mirror even makes the room to look wider. Its position as laid perpendicularly to the glass shower door provides a continuity effect, giving this place a spacious appearance.

7. Rector Square

Rector Square

 Prop up your wall with fancy stickers.

  • These fanciful owl stickers give this place novel and neat look. They brighten up the bathroom as they rub nicely well with the color of the floor and wainscot tiles in small geometric design.

8. Traditional Bathroom

Traditional Bathroom

 Catch that linear fashion.

  • Accentuating your bathroom with horizontal lines achieves to create a wider room. Those mosaic tiles in blue shade and shower curtain in blue and white stripes go well together to make this place appear cooler and roomier.

9. Casa Corbino – AIA Austin Homes Tour 2013

Casa Corbino - AIA Austin Homes Tour 2013

 Install clear glass shelves for that classy storage.

  • Your small bathroom may be given an elegant look for claiming the upper space for extra storage. This sets a classy style where your bathroom niceties can be neatly arranged and stored.

10. Elegant Design

Elegant Design










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